Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:20 @ElliottFineFood Ah very pleased to hear it, I know the Towcester branch well and the Deli of course #

18:26 [Yardley Gobion] Yardley Gobion History Group AGM #

18:28 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews 18:56 Today&#8.. #

19:45 @HeartNorthants I guess the GP is probably £18m not certain though #

19:46 @hyperlocaluk audioboo.frm #

19:49 RT @mcangeli: If its I before E except after C, then some one explain to me the spelling of the word HEIGHT…. #

19:50 TowcesterTweat Dropped off at Towcester cadets, now onto Northampton Geek Meet. Hope I am geek en.. #

20:10 [Local News] Essential Gas Mains Replacement in Towcester Nears Completion #

20:44 @JuliaDoherty Pretty Woman? #

20:45 @McKinley60 is that Ruffell Fiffer – very good to hear from you. Gone back to my local newspaper – #

22:56 [Sport] Towcester Ladies Hockey #

23:03 @McKinley60 oh yes gave up working in house, built shed. Def the way forward. Bought off eBay! #

23:06 @McKinley60 Still driving LRs and RRs, even have 56 SI. Had a great tip near Banbury Lane earlier see #

23:06 RT @m1updates: SEVERE M1 Northamptonshire – One lane closed northbound due to roadworks during the night at J18, Rugby #

23:21 @McKinley60 done #

08:45 Very autumnal this morning, quite dark early on too #

09:17 @JuliaDoherty about 2 am on Sunday morning, this weekend, so you might get an extra hour in bed #

09:18 RT @davewat1: lights on indoors after 9 am. Here comes winter. #

09:35 @F1Expert link does not work #

09:44 [What’s On?] Towcester Racecourse Annouces Two New Fixtures #

12:20 TowcesterTweat Reading Helper – Volunteer Reading Help (unpaid, Towcester, Northamptonshire): Vol.. #

13:14 [Potterspury] Pumpkins Ready For Halloween at Wakefield Farm Shop #

13:14 [Local News] Keep Tabs On Your Tack – Around Towcester Villages #

14:20 TowcesterTweat Job Alert! TELEMARKETING EXEC. Towcester. 2 week temp contract @ £7 per hour. Call.. #

15:20 TowcesterTweat The Northampton (well Daventry and Towcester) builder’s merchant I worked at for 9.. #

15:45 [Stoke Bruerne] A508 Closed at Stoke Bruerne #

17:04 @powertwitter because its big and clever! #

17:56 @PictureItNow sent you some pix to have a look at #

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