Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:17 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:39 Back in t.. #

20:44 @Dr_Black probably best to have a glass of wine and early night #

20:57 @MrRickWaghorn yes pretty good, fancy being on the back of a bus – well done you #

21:11 @MrRickWaghorn well there is a blog article for a rainy day. Excellent #

21:14 [What’s On?] More Than Simply Messing About In Boats…" #

21:19 @MrRickWaghorn got to be worth a blog on outbang #

00:03 Election Results in Northants can be found here – will be live on Friday #

00:17 Thats it time for bed #

02:38 [What’s On?] More Than Simply Messing About In Boats…" #

10:04 RT @suzanne_tennant: Formula 1 drivers disappointed at impending loss of Silverstone from the Formula 1 calendar #

10:18 Just found my escaped chicken – very relieved Mr Fox missed out this time #

10:59 Bit grey but no rain yet #

13:12 @mimikatelouise actually you are right, chap is still running around in shorts – but it is a bit parky! Never mind – lets keep smiling #

13:14 @CastleDonington I doubt it – I think it will leave the UK for a year and then come back to Silverstone #

13:35 Mama Mia comes to Tiffield this weekend #

14:33’s twitter sparq ad product ( is… quite interesting I would like to know more… #

14:58 Just starting to rain #

15:10 Getting heavier – the rain that is #

15:18 @spencemnl ah well, it will probably be quite refreshing, indeed I predict a lull for your bike ride! #

15:19 [Sport] Turkish Grand Prix Brawn Practice #

15:23 @DaylightGambler Really recommend this gang. We get one every week on a Friday #

15:31 @DowningStreet Not Cameron then… odd #

15:32 @spencemnl indeed its stopping now, quick jump on your bike…. #

15:32 @DaylightGambler they are really good and have a much wider offering now #

15:44 @markrock no you haven’t its been removed! #

15:47 @markrock it is not there #

15:48 @DaylightGambler usually small with some extras, two adults and four year old, oh and three hens! #

15:51 @mediaukpress who Paul Bradshaw as in @paulbradshaw #

15:53 @markrock ah well, three cheers for Audioboo will record a boo to support you #

16:08 RT @AngelinaCupcake: will be selling special boxes of cupcakes for Fathers Day… themed to fa check out for pics!! #

16:09 @StephenGrey welcome to Twitter – soon find your way… Ouch, bangs head, oh, sorry… #

16:10 @amonck done #

16:18 Loads of searches for election results, seems people are interested in County Elections – I think that is encouraging #

16:20 @MrRickWaghorn ah, that will be interesting, will it be before the summer recess? #election #

16:41 [Local News] Retail Study Launched For Towcester and Brackley #

16:41 [Local News] Roadworks on M1 Locally Next Week #

16:41 [Sport] Force India Practice for Turkish Grand Prix #

16:41 TowcesterTweat @AngelinaCupcake Yummmm thats it I have to come back and live in Towcester lol: @An.. #

16:41 TowcesterNewsAudio Audioboo Hyper Local: A boo by towcesternews #

16:52 @CosmicMother You are too kind, there is actually loads happening #

17:23 @CosmicMother its a small world really #

17:37 Just passed 3500 updates – does that make me a chatterbox? #twitter #twit #

17:40 @meyewtree will cover it all – do you want me to bring my camera and take some pix? #

17:41 @MariaCostello The Garrison in Castletown comes recommended #

17:43 @JuliaDoherty is going to be the George – now advertising on the site – good for them see Karoke #

17:47 #followfriday @meyewtree @portsmouthinfo @_Swifty_@bletchleypark @DarrenGoldsmith @BrendaKMills @einsteinradio #

17:53 @meyewtree just back – so not a bad time call, to let me know use @TowcesterNews, then the tweet is aimed at me so to speak #

17:54 @MariaCostello will you be able to see the little refuge castle in they bay – raining in South Northants – doubt its much better in IOM #

17:54 RT @m1updates: MEDIUM M1 Northamptonshire – Debris on road northbound between J16, Daventry and J17, Dunchurch, slow traffic. #

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