Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:06 #BPark Bletchley Park Trust ‘Disappointed’ as Government Rejects Appeal for Support: Baroness McIntosh of .. #

18:43 Great new curry house in Stoke Bruere #

20:12 RT @bletchleypark: Bletchley Park Trust ‘Disappointed’ as Government Rejects Appeal for Support. #BPark This is sad #

20:47 TowcesterTweat getting ready to head off on our travelodge tour of great britain. First stop Towce.. #

20:54 @gt_p I hear he thinks its Twitter on/off button #bpark #

20:57 @sizemore @documentally I am sure you said that the Cray had the Twitter on off button – bring on the young lad who restores it #

21:05 @_Swifty_ Welcome aboard, presumably – ‘we are not born for ourselves alone’ #

21:08 @_Swifty_ ah try this #

21:10 @nevstokes are we going to do the whole thing "do you mind if I touch you" #apprentice #

21:10 This is my 3000th tweet #twitter #

21:14 @Documentally as in send three and four pence we are going to a dance? #

21:14 @davewat1 indeed I have, well ton up, now to the next 100! #

21:16 @davewat1 Sorry have just realised you mean’t 3000 tweet, also celebrated 100 newsletter today, here it is: #

21:18 @tamisara its daft, who would, how did the rest of us get here – bring on the Dangerous Brothers #apprentice #

22:23 @LuciaGirardi thank you #

23:52 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
19:21 Back from.. #

23:53 TowcesterTweat @XChrispyX I can imagine. Nothing beats Towcester though!: @XChrispyX I can imagine.. #

00:04 [Local News] New Council Office for Brackley #

00:04 [What’s On?] Free Skills Day For Bikers at Silverstone #

00:04 [Local News] Make Him A Classic Dad This Father’s Day! #

00:04 [Alderton] Traditional Thatching #

00:04 [Local News] Very Successful Active Ageing Event in Towcester #

09:40 @DarrenGoldsmith ah, thank you, you might want to check this out too #

09:41 Bit behind schedule, must crack on #

09:43 @berniekeith Good to meet you again at Active Ageing in Towcester #

09:43 @DerekBarrett Have you ever cleaned the sensor on 40d – is it difficult #

10:09 [Sport] A5 Rangers Greens Norton Run #

10:16 RT @bletchleypark: Forties ‘Family’ Weekend Bletchley Park Monday ( RED ARROWS! Lanc, Hurricane & Spitfire flypast! #BPark #

11:08 @JuliaDoherty what about twiglets? #

11:09 RT @m1updates: SEVERE M1 Buckinghamshire – Broken down lorry southbound between J14, Milton Keynes and J13, Bedford, one lane closed. #

11:15 @PaulDJohnston I have just had toast and now its a coffee – thirstythursday perhaps #

11:37 @PaulDJohnston added to blog but here you go #

11:37 @SimplicityTweet its probably about ratios and volume #

12:17 @DaylightGambler Suddenly started to pour – watch out #

12:20 RT @jamesadean Towcester is currently being drenched in very heavy rain fall… #

12:33 [Useful Numbers & Websites] Local Sports Partnership Launches Website #

12:33 [Local News] Youths Damage Car in Silverstone #

12:33 [Local News] Police Tackle Fatal Four #

12:34 TowcesterTweat Towcester is currently being drenched in very heavy rain fall…: Towcester is curr.. #

12:45 @DarrenGoldsmith @Documentally I agree, Sat Nav is a big one, so are CDs – even with steering wheel controls… No doubt app for it soon #

12:46 Suddenly it’s like Apolcaypse Now, helicopters galore – can you hear the valkyrie? #

12:50 @DarrenGoldsmith they have gone now – probably off to Northampton way… and we have blue sky back! #

13:06 @DaylightGambler this is not social media its sort of Social Weather Forecasting #

13:09 @JoshHalliday How do the other 50% feel? #

13:21 RT @davewat1: AT 5 MINs AND 6 SECs AFTER 4 A.M., ON THE 8TH OF JULY,THIS YEAR, THE TIME AND DATE WILL BE: 04:05:06 07-08-09,which is nice #

13:58 @getgood oh dear #

14:00 RT @bletchleypark Nominate your fave (off street) building visit the Google streetview trike (UK) Bletchley Park? #bpark #

14:11 @Documentally silence the it keeps it secret – honey and lemon always a fave #

14:11 @davewat1 remember if the music is playing he has sold out – that’s what I was told when I was a kid #

15:04 @ianmayman Lottery always good for spirt, don’t look until Tuesday and you have a great dream for a few days…. #

15:06 @scrumph yup #

15:09 @scrumph #

15:38 @enterf1 portier #

15:38 @Documentally Ah whisper into audioboo and then play back at full volume #

16:08 @scrumph its one of those things you see when you first sign up, realise its like a motorway in rush hour and forget about #publictimeline #

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