Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:29 @peterford Sorry chap thought you were Silverstone based – thanks for follow in any event. #

19:01 #BPark Stephen Fry Visits Bletchley Park: On Monday 11 May the Bletchley Park Trust were delighted to ente.. #

19:45 @MrRickWaghorn for me too – Cheers #

19:47 TowcesterTweat weeks we are going to ladies day at Towcester Racecourse so I may have a video or s.. #

21:10 Catching up #

22:30 @bletchleypark Will help if you need me #

22:31 @marcnobbs Now now steady down #

22:33 RT @Dr_Black: I just gave $5.00 to Bletchley Park 🙂 Please join me here: #bpark + pls RT #

08:58 [Sport] A5 Rangers Have Been Very Active #

09:14 Murky and misty, or is that misty and murky – regardless perhaps dank or English #

09:36 RT @shedworking: A big Shedworking thank you to @frostola for help on researching the Shedworking book #

09:39 Alexander Chancellor on Stephen Fry, MPs expenses, choked ponds and fiddling #

09:48 Woke up this morning humming this, 4 year old daughter managed a dance ♫ #

10:13 TowcesterTweat New Video Alert! "TOWCESTER TAXIS ~ TAXIS IN TOWCESTER~… New.. #

10:13 TowcesterTweat New Video Alert! "TOWCESTER TAXIS ~ TAXIS IN TOWCESTER~… New.. #

10:13 TowcesterTweat New Video Alert! "TOWCESTER TAXIS ~ TAXIS IN TOWCESTER~… New.. #

10:33 RT @dopeydee: special #followfriday @IvyBean she’s 103 years young & has just moved over 2 twitter from fb because she thought it boring #

10:50 Sun is out, well coming out and postman has arrived #

11:00 Well its not that hot and steamy in South Northants but hey it is Friday ♫ #

11:13 @sinistergiraffe Congrats. And to keep him on his toes always introduce him as "Have you met my first husband?" #

11:14 @LuciaGirardi Absolutely, on its way, just behind the rain – promises to be a sunny afternoon in South Northants – care of Towcesternews! #

11:23 @LuciaGirardi Sadly that is beyond my gift and pay grade – let me have a look though #

11:33 Need to reboot – I think I must be getting to the point where I need a new computer #

12:51 @mimikatelouise No go for a bacon sandwich, never fails #

13:13 TowcesterTweat New Video Alert! "NORTHAMPTON TAXI – TOWCESTER TAXIS"… New V.. #

13:13 TowcesterTweat [Blog] Is there a web site for Paulerspury C of E Primary School in Northamptonshir.. #

13:13 TowcesterNewsAudio Rain On Shed Roof With Printer In Background: A boo by towcesternews #

13:53 Just had bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch, fantastic, there is something about bacon sandwiches #

13:54 @nicolechen What the whole company? #

14:05 @allaboutedu yes there is a website #

14:05 @jasew Sadly don’t have one, although I don’t like having them, they generally are rather fun to get. (Hangovers that is) #

14:30 Time to sort some adverts out. (make changes etc) #

14:31 @sharonhayes I think we all do that, and if anything goes wrong its Tweetdeck, a great way of getting a bad press when actually its…. #

14:57 @sharonhayes Losing groups is a feature not a bug #

15:35 @paulerspury I did and a I advised the chap who requested it. Many thanks #

15:54 TowcesterTweat New Video Alert! "TOWCESTER TAXIS 01908 263263" has been… Ne.. #

15:54 TowcesterTweat New Video Alert! "TOWCESTER TAXIS TAXIS IN TOWCESTER… New Vi.. #

16:10 Thinking of opening a flickr account #

16:15 @AboutMyArea Will just opened and now posting first couple of pix. #

16:17 @AboutMyArea you shold follow @Documentally @MrRickWaghorn @lindapdarwen @shanerichmond @paulbradshaw @craigmcginty all #hyperlocal #

16:56 @AboutMyArea there are a couple of twibes for hyperlocal too #

16:57 @MrRickWaghorn yes, he runs the aboutmyarea franchise – of which I run Towcester #

17:09 @MrRickWaghorn @AboutMyArea good idea, John have a look at addiply a great DIY ad system, could site on left hand side of pages #

17:12 First few images on Flickr – hope they are good enough #

17:22 @MrRickWaghorn indeed another one, there are quite a few – have mooted Addiply will follow it up #

17:25 Off to Towcester Business Club Meeting – I know on a Friday evening, must be dedicated. #

17:57 At The Bell in Brackley for Business Club meeting #

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