PSP Awareness Week

Afternoon Tea For PSP
National PSP Awareness Week occurs 4th-11th April 2009. Whether you organise ‘An Afternoon Tea for PSP’ or something very different, National PSP Awareness Week represents an opportunity to raise awareness of PSP and CBD nationally and internationally.

2009 ‘Afternoon Tea for PSP’

If you are planning to organise a Tea Party, you can download a 2009 Tea Party Pack, which is designed to help you with your organisation and provide some ideas for increasing awareness of PSP and CBD. Alternatively, you can complete a Tea Party Order Form and receive everything for your Tea Party through the post.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their support of this awareness and fundraising initiative. We know that many of you have been planning your 2009 Tea Party for months, whilst others would like to hold a Tea Party but for varying reasons cannot do this. There are many other supporters who prefer to do something very different at a date that is convenient for them later in the year. Whatever you do, whatever your reason, The PSP Association is appreciative of all your support.

2008 National PSP Awareness Week

‘Afternoon Tea for PSP’ was first launched in 2008, when nearly 2,000 of our supporters were asked to hold an ‘Afternoon Tea for PSP’ and drink Tea for Treatment or Coffee for Care. Funds raised were attributed to research (to find a treatment), or to the ongoing costs of our Care & Support Services.

All were sent a Tea Party Pack, which included pre- and post-party Press Releases and information on ‘People Special to your Patch’ with the overall objective of inviting local dignitaries and other well-known or important people living locally. Supporters were told that even if their invitation was declined they would have achieved our objective of increasing awareness.

The result was that more than 1,000,000 new people heard about PSP and CBD on the television, the radio or in their local newspaper and over £40,000 was raised.

In addition, many supporters who could not hold a tea party during Awareness Week organised their own ‘awareness raising event’ at a later date. The enthusiasm and commitment of our supporters has been extraordinary with many already planning their 2009 ‘Afternoon Tea for PSP’.

Magnolia Day

Our annual Magnolia Day (8th April) falls in National PSP Awareness Week. The Magnolia was the favourite flower of Sara Koe who was a co-founder of The PSP Association. Sara died of PSP early in 1995; on 8th April 1995 a memorial service was held for her and later this date became known as ‘Magnolia Day’.

The Magnolia has since become the emblem of The PSP Association and in 2008 the Royal Horticultural Society named a Magnolia ‘Sara Koe’. This is a tremendous honour for our charity.


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