Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:11 [Local News] Easter Exhibition and Sale #

18:11 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:05 Towcester.. #

18:11 TowcesterTweat @lammb I used to live in Towcester left about 1 1/2 years ago: @lammb I used to liv.. #

19:35 TowcesterTweat @Linda_James nothin wrong with towcester people!!: @Linda_James nothin wrong with t.. #

19:36 TowcesterTweat @lammb not not at all I miss Towcester I loved it there I used to work at somerfiel.. #

19:36 TowcesterTweat @lammb so are you living in towcester, will love to hear all about Towcester we liv.. #

20:27 @Linda_James ah not, feed that picks up the word Towcester – have a good weekend! #

20:29 Swing works, daughter still alive and now sound a sleep #

20:40 @Kaaayleigh white wine or salt are favourites or best thing is try #

20:41 @paulvella quite right, stand corrected! #

20:47 @Linda_James try Twitterlocal – or @EthosTweet @Towcestertiles @BabsBags @B011y @dopeydee @BrendaKMills @jediffa @ntoll @Weebly_one #

20:49 Here is a funny thing, if I post a URL on Twitter an Amazon Bot goes straight to it, ohh errr, what’s that all about #

22:10 @Kaaayleigh well it’s a dirty rotten business, however he is terribly good – great tweet #

22:38 @thevixy splendid #

23:22 @wossy great show time for bed #

23:44 @Dr_Black do you think suitable for young 4 year old? #

23:44 @Linda_James no I don’t will have a sniff though! Why? #

00:18 Ok all time for bed etc #

09:08 TowcesterTweat @Linda_James where are you now Linda? Towcester and Silverstone are lovely places t.. #

10:18 The weekend and its currently bright and sunny #

10:26 Just going to sort out the hens then off to photograph a shop opening! #

10:29 [Local News] Ian McCord Petitions Downing Street #

10:29 Ian McCord Petitions Downing Street: Ian McCord has launched a petition to the Prime Minister to convert the Lon.. #

10:29 I have just been offered $3.8m!: From Ogechi Promise Rue de Dulie 7th Avenue Plot 41 Williams Ville Dear Friend .. #

10:52 RT @Panavision: @TowcesterNews you’d better put a footnote on the page such that none of your readers fall for it or similar ones…(DONE!) #

10:55 @Panavision good point, now added with thanks to you #

12:06 Back in the office, quick story, then lunch and I suspect the garden beckons #

12:21 @peterford that is a good idea #

13:21 Back in the office, quick story, then lunch and I suspect the garden beckons #

13:58 [Local News] Buckles Opens and Farm Shop Extends Hours #

13:58 TowcesterTweat @BumpyBeads are you going to the Towcester flame off?: @BumpyBeads are you going to.. #

14:08 Mowing the lawn, very pleased I got the machine to work! #

14:58 [Sport] Jenson Takes Pole Again #

14:58 Button Takes Pole Again!: Jenson Button took his second successive pole position today in qualifying for the Mal.. #

17:16 Just painted back door – much harder than I thought, now I hope it will dry in time to close tonight #

17:27 Almost trime for a drink #

17:27 @MrRickWaghorn I doubit you would want me too – I am not a great DIYer #

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