Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:05 TowcesterTweat @gem_heaven I have a canister you could use as a deposit but you’re a long way away.. #

18:56 Time for a drink I think #

18:59 @mediaukpress is that Woolworth H Smith with pick n mix #

19:34 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:28 Today’s T.. #

09:37 Today my daughter is mostly wearing pink #

09:40 @scrumph you are right it does somewhat over promise and under deliver – shame #

09:41 @Weebly_one Good luck #

09:56 [Local News] Crime Down By 6% #

09:56 Crime Down: CRIME in Northamptonshire fell by 5.9 per cent during 2008/09, the fifth successive year that crime .. #

10:19 @peterford have you got a picture – Brawl on A43, Bacon or Bust sort of thing #

10:20 @peterford Ah did not see this tweet – photo journalism can be for the bold #

10:34 @antiquesavenue Yes I must admit I most of the trouble seems to be in Northampton – the data is from the police #

11:02 [Sport] Pay and Play Badminton Sessions #

11:02 [Local News] Buddha Stolen From Garden in Towcester #

11:02 [Sport] Brawn GP Practice in Sepang #

11:03 TowcesterTweat @Julie_Moore Same in towcester..lets hope the fog burns off and the sun comes out…. #

11:03 TowcesterTweat @Glennydrums Exactly, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the ride to Towcester.: @.. #

11:08 @craigmcginty @lactose good article – I like the cafe story – today’s papers, yesterday’s news – fact #

11:33 Still grey and murky – lets hope sun breaks through later #

13:27 Sun is burning through, what a difference #

13:51 @cliveflint Apparently the answer is to eat locally produced honey, ie within 10 miles #

14:08 TowcesterTweat Just deciding on our team Christmas party – 4th December – Towcester Race Course – .. #

14:10 Can hear the cars on Silverstone course – someone is having fun there today #

14:14 Just passed 1800 updates – amazing how quickly these things happen only been on Twitter for 2ish months #

14:24 @AboutMyArea No – I rather hope Jenson does it again. I think its the BARC practising for tomorrow and Sunday #

14:26 @MrRickWaghorn have you got a moment to sort Addiply out for me? #

14:29 @cliveflint thank you #

14:30 @MrRickWaghorn ok will have a look at what that entails – keen to give it a run though #

14:46 #BPark Spectacular Flypast – BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY ‘FORTIES FAMILY FESTIVAL: Spectacular Flypast by Lancaste.. #

15:33 Check out: #

15:34 RT @m1updates: VERY SEVERE M1 Northamptonshire – Road blocked northbound between J16, Daventry and J17, Dunchurch, because of an accident. #

15:35 RT @m1updates: SEVERE M1 Bedfordshire – Broken down vehicle northbound between J12, Flitwick and J13, Bedford, one lane blocked. #

15:38 RT @cliveflint: Everyone, SHHH! @Minimentally’s asleep. #

15:40 Great tile shop in Towcester #

15:50 #followfriday @antiquesavenue @bletchleypark @dopeydee @einsteinradio #

15:52 Brawn GP launch YouTube Channel #

16:33 RT @ruskin147: My blog post on The Battle of Broughton (Streetview) (not too far from Towcester) #

17:12 Just put swing together for my daughter – hope I have done it properly #

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