Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:28 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:03 @offasdyk.. #

18:46 @EthosRecruit Are you there Moriarty? #

19:04 @Wossy has to get back to "Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" #

20:33 TowcesterTweat @Anna1968 that was why I moved here, cause I was in Towcester and he was up here: @.. #

21:21 [Local News] Getting Ready For Easter Celebrations and Better Weather? #

09:05 Bit murky #

09:30 TowcesterTweat @mimikatelouise Ah, Lactodorum! Seems that these days Towcester rather over-indexes.. #

09:37 RT @Dr_Black: AudioBoo: Baby Boy (via @Documentally) Massive congrats to Christian and family 🙂 🙂 🙂 #

09:39 @EthosRecruit Really, not at this end #

10:07 @EthosRecruit FOTS? #

10:31 [Sport] Two Records Broken At A5 Rangers #

10:31 [What’s On?] Celebrating Active Ageing #

10:31 [What’s On?] Easter Open Weekend #

10:31 [Local News] Towcester Museum Gets Closer #

10:31 [What’s On?] The Watling Singers Perform at Silverstone #

10:33 @DowningStreet Don’t tell me we are relying on Harry Potter to solve economic crisis #G20 #

11:34 @jappleby Thank you, I don’t see what JK has to do with G20 – unless its a ploy to give WAGS signed copies as gifts! #

11:36 @sinistergiraffe that is really only a view put about by Hollywood – I am sure the English are generous! #

12:03 Quick trip to bank #

12:59 lunch #

14:09 Weekly organic vegetable box in Towcester area – worth looking at #

14:33 @ITVLocalAnglia Gosh, can’t we have some good news, how about this, its not much but… #

14:33 @offasdyke4ms better get the snorkel fixed on the support vehicle #offasdyke4ms #

14:37 Getting a lot of activity from Amazon – keep looking at my site – very odd. And its a Linux device running Safari #

15:05 [Local News] Free Internet Access on Fridays #

15:05 [Local News] Police Station Opening Over Easter Holidays #

15:05 Free Internet on Fridays… Well at the library: County job-hunters can now take advantage of free internet .. #

15:15 Sun has just come out, well about 20 mins ago, fog and grey skies gone #

16:10 RT @mashable Is Your Username Taken on Social Sites? Find Out With Namechk – #

16:37 [Local News] Yardley Gobion Cubs Have Places… #

17:00 RT @PaulDJohnston: having a look at – interesting! – and #

17:01 @KathHardwick Take bikes and cycle round the Water – have a pint it the George, am jealous #

18:05 TowcesterTweat @gem_heaven I have a canister you could use as a deposit but you’re a long way away.. #

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