Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:03 @offasdyke4ms excellent we will be with you then #

18:09 PlayStation® and Nissan’s GT Academy to air on ‘Dave’: Sony Computer Entertainment today annou.. #

18:09 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:04 Today’s T.. #

18:09 TowcesterTweat Happy 100th Birthday to the Toaster – not to be confused with .. #

18:21 G20 =Argentina Oz Brazil Can China France Germany India Indonesia Italy Japan Mexico, Russia S Arabia S Africa S Korea, Turkey, UK, US & EU #

19:34 Lovely evening in South Northants #

19:42 @DaylightGambler Its called not being able to see the wood for the trees! #

19:45 @DaylightGambler Would make a great pitch to re do the site #

20:08 RT @bletchleypark: Twitter had it 1st! 25 May -Hurricane, Lancaster & Spitfire+Red Arrows Flypast+ talk by WW2 Codebreakers#BPark #

20:31 Uk iphone users check out iosmaps at app store – gives OS maps #

20:42 TowcesterTweat TicketyBoo posted a boo: Toast To Towcester TicketyBoo posted a .. #

20:43 TowcesterTweat I just love driving with the roof down. I’m hoping it’s sunny again tomorrow for th.. #

20:43 TowcesterNewsAudio Bird Song In The Evening: A boo by towcesternews #

21:04 @Documentally quick talk to Bpark #Bpark #

23:37 That’s all folks – good night #

08:46 Morning a fine and blue one #

08:46 Apparently Brown pulled back Obama’s chair at breakfast exclaiming April Fool – a rather surprised Obama said… #G20 #

09:01 [Sport] Malaysian Grand Prix Preview #

09:01 Brawn GP Malaysian Grand Prix Preview: 2009 MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX – PREVIEW Following a sensational debut race we.. #

09:18 @Documentally Best think of a name quick, good luck #baby #

09:19 @Documentally be careful with Lego, it really hurts when you stand on it – Trainset or Scalextric surely #baby #

09:32 [Local News] Taste of Towcester Makes a Positive Step #

09:32 [Local News] Village Bids To Host Winter Olympics 2018 #

09:32 Taste of Towcester is born: At the third meeting in as many months involving the Traders of Towcester, the most .. #

09:38 @Weebly_one Thank you, be interesting to see if it gets picked up! #

09:39 About to get down to weekly newsletter #

10:07 [What’s On?] Get On Your Bike This Easter #

10:07 Rural Village To Bid For Winter Olympics 2018: Alderton, a South Northant’s village has made the surprise .. #

10:22 Weekly newsletter can be read here #

10:23 @DowningStreet is it too serious for the odd April Fool’s joke? #

10:24 @essentialocal where are you off to? #

11:23 @PrincessAmelia is this a local story do you think? #

11:31 [Local News] Cinema Paradiso Comes To South Northants #

11:31 [Local News] Emergency Planning For Parish Councils #

11:49 @PrincessAmelia Well good luck, have you any food? Do you need emergency supplies? Actually it is April Fools and not midday! #

11:59 RT @EthosTweet: James from our Daventry Branch fell for the old classic April Fools trick!! He just called Mr Behr at Whipsnade Zoo!! #

12:05 @HeartNorthants Needs a picture really #

12:20 @RNLIrescues oh yes – four your old daughter had a ball! #

12:21 RT @mediaukpress: Publisher says no to regional press mergers (Hold the Front Page) #

12:27 @RNLIrescues a sort of its behind you – a spider, mouse etc type. I also published this #

12:52 RT @shanerichmond: I’d like to be able to set page 2 as my iPhone honescreen. Then have 2 pages of apps 1 swipe away – one left & 1 right. #

12:53 @einsteinradio and the usual Mr C Lyon at London Zoo, did you see my effort #

12:53 @mediaukpress #

13:22 @einsteinradio you see we can’t resist it #

13:30 @Documentally Decide on venue for wetting babies head – Boat Inn might be good #baby #

13:31 @lindapdarwen well done – it works like a dream doesn’t it! #

13:44 @MrRickWaghorn If all fails pop along to G20 #

13:54 TowcesterTweat @LeceWoody Hi Lisa – the old ones are the best! Laura in Towcester office gave Jame.. #

13:54 TowcesterTweat In Towcester for meeting. A bit early.: In Towcester for meeting. A bit early. #

14:11 @sinistergiraffe zzub zzub bee flying backwards – thanks for following me! #

14:11 @MrRickWaghorn probably not wise – does addiply work on WordPress blog? #addiply #

14:19 @cliveflint Are you sure its not these guys #

15:05 60 Cars Seized: During the first two months of Operation Andover, 62 vehicles have been seized by officers for n.. #

15:05 TowcesterTweat @TheClarkester Towcester. Hated it as a teen, was desperate to get out & went all t.. #

17:17 @MrRickWaghorn lets have a chat about how to implement – have a look at #

17:18 @Documentally SURELY THAT SHOULD BE anticapitalized #g20 #

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