Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:27 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
21:59 well done.. #

19:10 Great day, lunch at Salcey, gardening this afternoon, dinner soon #

19:14 @RareComics I was a Victor fan, Alf Tupper, Braddock VC, Morgan the Mighty… #

19:30 @Weebly_one actually I sat outside, my wife went in to order things – I was looking after hour daughter, so the answer is no. #

19:31 @EthosRecruit Weed farmers actually grow weeds and then sell them to horticulture schools and labs for research purposes #

20:00 Aparently running on reserve battery power – thats all folks #

20:27 TowcesterTweat Just sorting out my folder for Towcester Business Club. Need to get my committee st.. #

21:58 @TelegraphMG URL does not work #

08:35 Week starts #

08:50 Bright day, but much windier #

08:58 [Local News] Former Deanshanger Councillors Honoured #

08:58 [Local News] National Cask Ale Week in Abthorpe #

09:02 Hollywood misleads on Engima #Bpark #

09:28 Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #News #Towcester #blogs #

09:29 [Recipe of the Week] Roasted Cauliflower with Cumin, Coriander and Almonds #

09:29 [Sport] Towcestrians Romp at Home #

09:35 @QuicksilverPR Pour? #

11:53 – Iphone at TNMOC – its a placebo iPhone for TNMOC @ #bpark? Anyone got a real one for the Museum? #

12:13 @Panavision I was hoping that you would get a real phone as well – with rumours of a new model in the summer #bpark #

12:14 Really quite windy today – just had a tour round Caswell #

12:31 Lunchtime – perhaps soup today #

12:53 RT @guardiantech: BT announces locations for 60Mbps broadband trials Am amazed Towcester not on the list! #

13:00 Towcestrians Romp At Home: Towcestrians RFC 1st XV 45Pts vs Old Newtonians RFC 1st XV 12Pts Old Newtonians came .. #

13:00 Afternoon Tea Party For Ovarian Cancer Charity In Paulerspury: Afternoon Tea Party For Ovarian Cancer Charity Ma.. #

13:34 [What’s On?] Quiz Night in Aid of British Heart Foundation #

13:53 On no its starting to rain! #

13:56 @DaylightGambler its like having sort of sentries out there with field telephones – perhaps Twitter is field telephones for 21st century #

14:03 [Local News] Have A Say On Improving Where You Live #

14:03 [Local News] Tea Rooms Launch Easter Competition #

14:52 just installed PowerTwitter on Firefox – quite good #

16:46 – @voidspace @daylightgambler @documentally – browser useage on #

16:54 @DaylightGambler Firefox 3.07 on a Mac and Safari 4 – Public Beta #

16:55 @voidspace I use Firefox 3.0 but my access is exempted from the data #

17:09 [Local News] A Few Trillion More #

17:09 A Few Trillion More: Please do not hesitate to contact Andy Betts at Towcester Financial Planning to discuss any.. #

17:27 @paulbradshaw me too, also a few serial numbes 6WXVMz and easy to say QbA0H5 (its like a flu virus I think) #

17:28 [Local News] Lifeboat Branch Looking Forward to Another Good Year #

17:39 @Lollygirl32 actualy we now have blue sky, well bits but still draughty – town for me tomorrow #

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