Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

19:28 @sinistergiraffe I don’t think I would worry to be much about being American – 1776 and all that is more modern than 1066 and all that! #

19:30 RT @MrRickWaghorn: ‘Content is king. Collaboration is queen. In chess the king is the most important, but the queen is the most powerful.’ #

20:01 @MrRickWaghorn Nothing to do with Addiply then #OWAB #

20:02 @sinistergiraffe Little dogs have a tendancy to get caught in big dog’s throats that’s why they are such a threat #

20:04 @AlanCarr Absolutely if he isn’t you’ll regret it for the rest of… etc If he is you can mention it… #

20:19 @Documentally just checked, you didn’t #

20:21 @shedworking I guess Bishops will be visitors, readers, users – does rather sound like them doesn’t it #

20:22 @cliveflint there seem to be different versions of Twitter, some have search at the top, some have it below followers – some miss bits #

20:26 There seem to be a lot lucky people getting their free laptop – although they don’t stay for long #

22:53 @bletchleypark yes please #bpark #

22:56 @cliveflint I think some of that plus date stamp and name #

23:04 @Weebly_one @Panavision I have noticed missing tweets today I thought very odd #

23:05 @Weebly_one sorry don’t under question – probably dim #

08:27 TowcesterTweat @winkingtiger Hi, if you are looking for work then follow @EthosTweet We are in Tow.. #

08:29 Friday already #

09:12 running late #

09:15 @markhorsey I think Railway Museum or Pickering Railway #

09:16 @EthosRecruit Indeed #

11:01 RT @DaylightGambler: Today is going too fast….. #

11:03 @cliveflint I didn’t think it was available yet – I’ll bet you wish it had Time Machine a la Mac #

11:24 RT @EthosRecruit: Don’t forget to follow @EthosTweet for latest jobs in Towcester, Daventry, Northampton, Rugby, Milton Keynes hinterland #

11:29 TowcesterTweat Don’t forget to follow @EthosTweet for the latest jobs in Towcester, Daventry, Nort.. #

11:29 TowcesterTweat AboutMyArea News Towcester Races Mini Two Day Festival Preview: Towcester Racecours.. #

13:47 Off to get the car MOTd, fingers crossed – it is a lovely day here in South Northants #

13:59 TowcesterTweat Another lovely day here in Towcester. I’m still coding… will go for a walk later… #

14:00 At the Mot station #

14:02 @AboutMyArea give me a buzz on mobile #

14:03 Why Not agencies #

14:16 @TowcesterNews sorry JT fingers no need to call #

14:53 Car passed MOT, back to work! #

15:20 @BrendaKMills you are accused of a gross and heinous crime…. Norman Stanley Fletcher… Door knocking… #

15:29 TowcesterTweat SHOCK HORROR! On client visit today & door knocking near Towcester when I was asked.. #

15:35 @BrendaKMills Why not Mills it is Friday! #

16:01 TowcesterTweat The Towcester Bonsai tree is soaking up the sun in the garden, while the staff are .. #

16:33 TowcesterTweat Wish I could be in the sun like our Towcester Bonsai. Maybe at the weekend.: Wish I.. #

17:05 [Local News] First Day of Spring #

17:05 First day of Spring: Today Friday 20th March is officially the first day of spring – somehow it seems to have be.. #

17:30 TowcesterTweat Really looking forward to the journey Towcester to Daventry! Better though with Ana.. #

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First day of Spring

Daffodils blooming in Alderton near Towcester

Daffodils blooming in Alderton near Towcester

Today Friday 20th March is officially the first day of spring – somehow it seems to have been a long and cold winter.