Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:19 Time to stop work, off to see Towcester Lions tonight #

18:24 Put a bit of a rehash but updated Telegraph Blog article today to help #BPark #

18:26 @iNashUK Kingdom of Heaven #

18:29 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:04 @Lollygir.. #

23:10 @Weebly_one Just realised where you and Nick come from! #

23:21 @Documentally it is ridiculous particularly the cost of diesel #

08:23 Very foggy #

08:24 Off Loughrans in Towcester to get Land Rover serviced #

08:32 @dopeydee so I am led to believe #

08:33 @dopeydee I suspect it means tweets to read #

08:54 Waiting for Mick #

08:58 Waiting to get picked up #

09:39 Blue sky is appearing the fog is lifting #

09:39 It is bizarre how many people drive with no lights in foggy conditions, visibility an hour ago was about 200 metres #

09:47 @PaulDJohnston I recall the DOF conversation #

09:50 @ruskin147 Have a quick look at micro news, website, hyper local, running 2 years #GCM #

09:52 @spencemnl the home of Motorsport too – it is frightening, also how many of them are silver in colour… #fog #

09:58 [Local News] SNH is Relieved By Red Nose Day Success #

09:58 @spencemnl I am sure you can see the danger though – I guess we’ll see more day or running lights, hopefully not all a la Audi #

10:00 @Zster76 Drawing a blank – I can’t find anyone who knows – let me know if it happens again #

10:23 @stephenfry Gosh I envisaged the equivalent of Milk Monitors! Aghh #

10:27 [What’s On?] Towcester Races Mini Two Day Festival Preview #

10:27 Towcester Mini Festival Racing Preview: Towcester Racecourse – Preview for Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th Ma.. #

10:35 Installed flahlight on iphone last night, a really useful app, makes iphone into a torch! #

10:41 @spencemnl I can’t believe the fuel calculation the draw would be tiny – but good point #

10:46 Twittergrader demotes Scotland to a city! #twitter #

10:47 RT @TowcesterNews: Twittergrader demotes Scotland to a city! #twitter or did – is there a Scotland in Belize? #

11:03 @marcnobbs quick get some before they tax it #

11:14 just filled in form for Congestion Charging exemption – benefit of Land Rover Station Wagon #

11:18 @Documentally ah well if it has nine seats or more on the VR5 you can apply for exemption – then it is free #

11:19 @PaulDJohnston DOF depth of field – back ground blurring or not, ie shallow depth = background blur #

11:20 @Documentally yes or fit LPG (on a V8) and its free! #

11:22 @Documentally see here #

11:23 @PaulDJohnston you can go back to the Flickr page to see the alternative #

11:25 RT works in London just checked my old house – spooky @guardiantech: Google launches Street View in UK #

12:46 @shedworking check the link feedburner error #

15:40 Northants Police crackdown today, Police video and story – they are almost tweeting as it happens #

16:50 @EthosRecruit Very good, I thought that playing with Rays was dangerous #

16:53 @Panavision That is really sad, I would have thought they would be gagging to see an learn about BP #Bpark #

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