Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:04 @Lollygirl32 it is a great little Iphone App available form appstore called audioboo #

18:31 [Sport] Jenson Button Tops Timesheet in Jerez #

18:31 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:32 Today’s T.. #

18:45 Time to go in I think #

19:01 TowcesterTweat Back from toaster (towcester): Back from toaster (towcester) #

19:30 TowcesterNewsAudio twinkle Twinkle By Lilly: New boo by towcesternews #

20:29 [What’s On?] Afternoon Tea Party For Ovarian Cancer Charity #

21:42 @EthosRecruit it was, very good, just doing some bits and pieces #

22:23 @Documentally It is terribly frustrating #

22:50 @Zster76 No not yet, but have not given up, will be asking about later this week. #

22:54 Time for bed I think – good day, excellent visit to Bletchley Park, recommended #BPark #

08:37 Lovely very late winter’s day, almost spring, quite a chill in the air #

08:51 @hdduncan link does not work on Caswell article #

09:28 [Local News] Mother’s Day Special at Wakefield Farm Shop #

09:57 [Reviews & Features] Markets Spring Into Action #

09:58 Markets Spring Into Action: Please do not hesitate to contact Andy Betts at Towcester Financial Planning to disc.. #

10:15 Working on weekly newsletter – won’t be too long (until its finished) #

10:23 Newsletter is finished – this week’s round up in and around Towcester #

10:31 @PaulDJohnston I liked the PO Box Idea – I am up for it #bpark #

10:58 [Local News] Advice To Catering Businesses to Provide Healthy Options #

11:56 @Towcestertiles his bike may have an invisible postcode on it – ask police #

11:58 [What’s On?] Talk on French Canals #

12:19 @DaylightGambler Well done you, I walked quite a bit of it yonks ago – great walk #

12:36 Local Government Association – banned words – words that should not be used by Councils #

12:44 @dopeydee I doubt councils will actually take any notice and consequently may not be free to help you with spring cleaning! #

12:54 Thinking about a spot of lunch, outside for me too I think #

13:31 @EthosRecruit is that @HeartNorthants? If so yes #

13:37 @cliveflint @Documentally @Panavision I think Wind Muff sounds promising #

13:44 Having a few minutes to think… #

13:59 #BPark BLETCHLEY PARK – THE PRIDE OF BRITAIN: Britain’s Top Secret WW2 Codebreaking Centre Voted Top In UK.. #

14:26 @jasew Get a Land Rover – will last 20 odd years no problem #

14:33 @jasew if you get a LWB with 9 seats they are congestion charge exempt – I guess you’d get over 30mpg on the motorway #

14:54 @jasew in that case go for a pre 1973, say 1956 Series 1, 86 inch, no tax, doors lift off, windscreen lies flat – this is fun #

14:55 We still have blue skies, even the birds are twittering! #

15:00 [What’s On?] First Stop For Musicians – At The Dolphin #

16:03 TowcesterTweat Is Towcester pronounced ‘toaster’?: Is Towcester pronounced ‘toaster’? #

16:18 @tomskelton Yes Towcester is pronounced toaster #

16:32 Testing RSS Feed #

16:59 @Steaders you always just pull the plug or hold down the restart key #

16:59 @EthosRecruit RSS luckily stands for really simple syndication #

16:59 @EthosRecruit No idea, playing a corpse? #

17:15 @PaulDJohnston You should be able to just about see #BPark as you whizz through #

17:17 @peterford apparently in the modern PC world it is considered to sensitive for people with Epilepsy #

17:20 @peterford You had better read this list of banned words for councils – #

17:24 @PicSeshu Have you seen the entry requirements! #

17:45 Mobile Twitters take care #

17:48 @guardiantech Ah so the Terminator Films are coming true – Keep checking that Arnie is in California #

18:00 [What’s On?] Barn Dance – Potterspury #

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