Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:32 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:10 home at l.. #

20:42 @stephenfry gosh chap don’t you feel like popping home #

23:03 @EdStivala I think you need to give them a bit more time, in fact the search is quite good – particularly if you use hash tags #

23:07 RT @wegotserved: Getting a chunk of spam followers. No, I don’t want to know how you got a free laptop. Bah. Security! (Please?) #

23:57 Ok night night or perhaps twit twoo #

08:35 St Patricks day to be sure #

09:28 Tell Tale Signs to Spot a Terrorist: THERE are tell-tale signs to spot a terrorist… and Northamptonshire Police .. #

09:38 @shedworking easily done that, like having lists that are quickly ticked but the real work is left to carry over #

09:38 This is shed working weather #shedworking #

10:20 @Documentally Bravo English Heritage and MK Council, great news #Bletchley #

10:25 RT @QuicksilverPR: Our PR tip of the day – Maintain your website regularly to keep it fresh and encourage repeat visits; a news or tips … #

10:26 RT @newsrq: “They’ve put my wife’s mobile phone number in the paper for readers to get in touch with.” – Editor #

10:32 @sinistergiraffe great tweat #

10:43 Testing audioboo #

10:57 @Documentally How long is the event on for today? #BPark #

11:01 [Reviews & Features] Tell Tale Signs To Spot A Terrorist #

11:08 @Documentally ok shuffled things around, on my way see you in 35 mins #BPark #

11:27 TowcesterTweat Lovely sping day here in Towcester. Mary hosting ‘cello quartets this afternoon. Gr.. #

11:27 TowcesterNewsAudio Feed Test: New boo by towcesternews #

11:36 @Documentally je suis arrive our ET vous #

11:38 Approaching. H block u #

12:30 There is so much to StationX #

12:52 @Towcestertiles go recep go #

12:59 TowcesterNewsAudio Turing bombs #bpark: New boo by towcesternews #

13:28 TowcesterNewsAudio Testing Testing: New boo by towcesternews #

14:31 Just back in my shed having left the sheds (huts) of Bletchley, go and see it #BPark #

14:40 #

14:41 Turing Bomb sound effects, this was used to help break the codes. #bpark #

14:56 Just making alterations to a few press adverts #

14:58 @shedworking I will, I need to have a bit of a tidy up unless I can find some old ones! Give me a buzz #

14:58 @dopeydee Just been to a Twitter event there – it is great – just sorting pix and it’ll be on the site #bpark #

15:13 No certain the St Pats Google Logo hacks it #

15:38 @EthosTweet Presumably Initial Capitals are OK? #

15:59 [Local News] Fall in Anti Social Behaviour in South Northants #

15:59 Bletchley Park Not To Be Underestimated: I think that everyone knows that Bletchley Park had something to do wit.. #

16:17 RT @Dr_Black: @Steaders really glad u enjoyed it and look forward to meeting up with u guys again soon 🙂 Here Here #

16:24 Just tried to record the bird song on Boo – should appear shortly #

16:31 [Local News] Make A Note – Visit Bletchley Park #

16:31 TowcesterNewsAudio Outside My Shed Recorded With Iphone: New boo by towcesternews #

16:58 #BPark Forthcoming events: There is always something new happening at Bletchley. This page provides you wi.. #

16:59 RT @EthosTweet: Irish toasts on St Pat’s Day, include: may the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out. #

17:29 [Local News] PSP Field 27 at Silverstone Half Marathon #

18:00 [What’s On?] Roary The Racing Car To Meet and Greet Young Fans #

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