Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:32 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:10 home at l.. #

20:42 @stephenfry gosh chap don’t you feel like popping home #

23:03 @EdStivala I think you need to give them a bit more time, in fact the search is quite good – particularly if you use hash tags #

23:07 RT @wegotserved: Getting a chunk of spam followers. No, I don’t want to know how you got a free laptop. Bah. Security! (Please?) #

23:57 Ok night night or perhaps twit twoo #

08:35 St Patricks day to be sure #

09:28 Tell Tale Signs to Spot a Terrorist: THERE are tell-tale signs to spot a terrorist… and Northamptonshire Police .. #

09:38 @shedworking easily done that, like having lists that are quickly ticked but the real work is left to carry over #

09:38 This is shed working weather #shedworking #

10:20 @Documentally Bravo English Heritage and MK Council, great news #Bletchley #

10:25 RT @QuicksilverPR: Our PR tip of the day – Maintain your website regularly to keep it fresh and encourage repeat visits; a news or tips … #

10:26 RT @newsrq: “They’ve put my wife’s mobile phone number in the paper for readers to get in touch with.” – Editor #

10:32 @sinistergiraffe great tweat #

10:43 Testing audioboo #

10:57 @Documentally How long is the event on for today? #BPark #

11:01 [Reviews & Features] Tell Tale Signs To Spot A Terrorist #

11:08 @Documentally ok shuffled things around, on my way see you in 35 mins #BPark #

11:27 TowcesterTweat Lovely sping day here in Towcester. Mary hosting ‘cello quartets this afternoon. Gr.. #

11:27 TowcesterNewsAudio Feed Test: New boo by towcesternews #

11:36 @Documentally je suis arrive our ET vous #

11:38 Approaching. H block u #

12:30 There is so much to StationX #

12:52 @Towcestertiles go recep go #

12:59 TowcesterNewsAudio Turing bombs #bpark: New boo by towcesternews #

13:28 TowcesterNewsAudio Testing Testing: New boo by towcesternews #

14:31 Just back in my shed having left the sheds (huts) of Bletchley, go and see it #BPark #

14:40 #

14:41 Turing Bomb sound effects, this was used to help break the codes. #bpark #

14:56 Just making alterations to a few press adverts #

14:58 @shedworking I will, I need to have a bit of a tidy up unless I can find some old ones! Give me a buzz #

14:58 @dopeydee Just been to a Twitter event there – it is great – just sorting pix and it’ll be on the site #bpark #

15:13 No certain the St Pats Google Logo hacks it #

15:38 @EthosTweet Presumably Initial Capitals are OK? #

15:59 [Local News] Fall in Anti Social Behaviour in South Northants #

15:59 Bletchley Park Not To Be Underestimated: I think that everyone knows that Bletchley Park had something to do wit.. #

16:17 RT @Dr_Black: @Steaders really glad u enjoyed it and look forward to meeting up with u guys again soon 🙂 Here Here #

16:24 Just tried to record the bird song on Boo – should appear shortly #

16:31 [Local News] Make A Note – Visit Bletchley Park #

16:31 TowcesterNewsAudio Outside My Shed Recorded With Iphone: New boo by towcesternews #

16:58 #BPark Forthcoming events: There is always something new happening at Bletchley. This page provides you wi.. #

16:59 RT @EthosTweet: Irish toasts on St Pat’s Day, include: may the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out. #

17:29 [Local News] PSP Field 27 at Silverstone Half Marathon #

18:00 [What’s On?] Roary The Racing Car To Meet and Greet Young Fans #

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Bletchley Park Not To Be Underestimated

Enigma Machine - this is the one that was stolen and Jeremy Paxman got back

Enigma Machine - this is the one that was stolen and Jeremy Paxman got back

I think that everyone knows that Bletchley Park had something to do with code breaking and in particular overcoming the complex ciphers used on the German Enigma machine.

I have to confess, that until today newspapers and television had led me to seriously believe that there was a rebuilt Collosus machine in a run down shed.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Go now, it is great.

Alan Turing who developed the Turing Bombe

Alan Turing who developed the Turing Bombe

Alan Turing designed the Turing Bombe, there is a replica now and it works, it is not quiet, it is very elegant and even uses the original oil.

Bletchley Park or #BPark as it is known on Twitter is a really all about Mathematics and a certain amount about computers – but what a learning experience.


Inside Turing's replica Bombe called Phoenix

How did I found out about Bletchley Park today – well my new geeky best friend Twitter  that is how, I went to the Station X event and I am very pleased I did.

Wireless Telegraph Station

Wireless Telegraph Station

If you want to know more visit the website at

Or to help save this fantastic local resource

Listen to Interview with some good news about funding – but much more is needed. Courtesy @Documentally

Tell Tale Signs to Spot a Terrorist

THERE are tell-tale signs to spot a terrorist… and Northamptonshire Police is urging people not to rely on others to pass on information – if you suspect it, report it.

That is the clear message to members of the public from today’s launch of the national counter-terrorism campaign.

The campaign will be asking them to trust their instincts, to encourage vigilance and not alarm, and to help create a hostile environment for terrorists who may be living and working in their midst.

Deputy Chief Constable Davina Logan said: “Terrorists can be stopped in their tracks if suspicious activity is reported to the police. They will not succeed if people report something unusual that they have seen while going about their daily lives.

“Although there is no undue cause to be alarmed in Northamptonshire, I would urge everyone to remain vigilant and report any suspicions they have to us, no matter how trivial these may seem.

“This campaign is not a response to any specific threat. But everyone who lives in Northamptonshire, or visits for work or pleasure, has a role to play in making it as difficult as we can for terrorists to operate here.”

Tell-tale signs:

· Terrorists have a lot of work to do before they attack – they need money and may commit cheque, credit card and identity fraud to finance their activities

· Terrorists use chemicals. Do you know someone buying large or unusual quantities of chemicals for no obvious reason? Handling chemicals is dangerous and maybe you’ve seen goggles, masks or bottles dumped somewhere?

· Observation and surveillance help terrorists plan attacks. Have you seen anyone studying security arrangements, such as CCTV, who shouldn’t be? Has it made you suspicious?

· Meetings, training and planning for terrorist attacks can take place anywhere. Do you know someone who travels but is vague about where they are going?

· Terrorists use computers – do you know someone who visits terrorist-related websites?

Anyone with concerns about any suspicious activity in their community should ring the Anti-Terrorist Hotline.

The number is 0800 789 321

Posters will soon be going up in key locations around the county urging the public to maintain vigilance.

DCC Logan added: “We know that people who contact the hotline do so in good faith.

“All information received by the hotline will be researched and investigated before any police action is taken but please let us decide if the information you have is valuable to us or not.

“If you have recently sold a vehicle to someone you were suspicious of or if you are a retailer with cause for suspicion then please ring the hotline. Together we can combine to defeat terrorism.”

“I fully appreciate that members of the public may have reservations about contacting the police.

“This may be because their friends or family may find out, or because they fear their suspicions may prove to have innocent explanations.

“But I must stress that all calls to the hotline are treated in the strictest confidence.”