Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:10 home at last, long day #

18:28 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:21 @dopeydee.. #

19:28 TowcesterTweat @Pensm have you reached towcester yet?: @Pensm have you reached towcester yet? #

21:25 One of the problems with Twitter is that if you record, something like the Rugby you have to hide before you watch it. Well done England #

22:00 Having quick look at images from Silverstone Half Marathon – will publish tomorrow #

23:07 @AMBEEZY I have only used TweetDeck, its pretty good, but do refer to browser version for somethings #

23:34 Time for bed been a busy weekend, will sort pix for Half Marathon in the morning – though did tweet a couple as it happend #

05:55 TowcesterTweat Is blue at last…well, more of an indigo really. Will certainly turn heads in Towc.. #

08:19 Lovely day, here we go #

08:39 Starting web updates – have had such a busy weekend feel a bit under the cosh #

08:59 [Sport] Perfect Day For Running Rugby #

08:59 [Recipe of the Week] PSB with Mustard and Tarragon Hollandaise #

08:59 [Abthorpe] Lambing Almost Finished #

08:59 [Sport] Jerez Testing Day One For Brawn GP #

08:59 Beginning to make some headway with updates #

09:30 [Local News] Wakefield Farm Shop Get Five Stars #

09:57 [Local News] Silverstone Half Marathon #

10:20 Getting through the emails #

10:33 @sinistergiraffe that is definitely the way to start the week #

10:37 @mjray Thank you, Alan will be very pleased #

10:38 @stephenfry Almost sounded like a sort of Irish brogue – as Eermm British #

11:27 [Local News] Home Reared Pork This Friday #

11:34 – Taken yesterday at Silverstone Half Marathon – delayed start caused runners to get caught short – mass wee! #

11:37 – High tech body warming #

11:38 – Even a half marathon is hard work, but in a Rhino suit? #

11:39 – Marvel Comic stars race at Silverstone in half marathon #

11:41 – Crossing the 11 mile marker at 56.24, Darran Bilton was 500m clear of second runner. #

12:35 Must be nearly lunchtime #

13:01 Wakefield Farm Shop Gets Five Stars: Wakefield Farm Shop This is what the stars mean:
Five stars: Very high stan.. #

13:52 End of year tax advice – only a couple of weeks to go, worth a read #

14:00 [Local News] Year End Tax Advice From Local Firm #

14:23 Quick cup of tea, before moving onto next task #

14:31 Local Firm Gives Tax Tips For End of Financial Year: Tax is a subject that excites very few people. It is easy t.. #

14:50 @shanerichmond I did think it rather odd – but I guessed if you are on holiday… #

14:51 @shanerichmond That is it, Badgers #

14:58 [Abthorpe] Vandalism #

15:02 Almost like a spring day today, birds twittering, I am tweating, the Howitzer like bird scarer does not prevail #

17:16 @EthosRecruit Attaches Celluloid Band To Golf Club Shaft To Anchor Ends Of Leather Grip – No Postcards #

17:25 What a beautiful evening – feels more like May than mid March – roll on the clock change! #

17:58 [Sport] Brawn GP Jerez Day Two #

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