Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:21 @dopeydee Gosh, don’t know yet – weather was very good, thoroughly recommend bouncy castle #

18:26 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:06 @lammb bi.. #

18:26 TowcesterTweat Is getting for a wedding reception in towcester..: Is getting for a wedding recepti.. #

19:39 @Lollygirl32 ah luckily 12 year old threshold was not breached #

19:41 @stephenfry #followmestephen I thought worth a try #

19:46 Going to try and catch up with Six Nations #

19:54 @stephenfry fairly certain currently not though hope you will #followmestephen #

19:55 TowcesterTweat Off for beers in Towcester: Off for beers in Towcester #

19:56 There is something quite magical about childrens birthday parties #

20:53 @Zster76 do you mean yesterday? #

20:57 TowcesterTweat Have left Milton Keynes for Towcester, home with parents, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh: Have .. #

21:07 @Zster76 I don’t know will make enquiries on Monday there are some bird scarers around that sound like Howitzers #

21:26 @Zster76 will ask on Monday #

22:16 @EthosRecruit we used to play British Bulldogs at school #

23:54 Time for bed #

09:27 Fabulous blue skies #

09:40 @dopeydee Yes it is. Silverstone Half Marathon for me – naturally only taking pix #

09:51 @markhorsey Harrogate Eh, Bettys? #

10:21 [What’s On?] Yardley in the Fifties #

11:06 Silverstone half marathon media #

11:22 Waiting for start #

11:23 Crowds #

11:25 TowcesterTweat Ah Nice & Sunny in towcester, time to get out of bed and go home, hate how my famil.. #

11:58 Silverstone half marathon start #

12:13 Start delayed runners weeing on pit wall! #

12:28 @Documentally half marathon at Silverstone just posted pic of delayed start runners wetting the pit lane! #

12:56 TowcesterTweat Eating Sunday lunch with the Morris family in Towcester .. #

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