Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:06 @lammb #

18:10 Time to go in I think #

18:34 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:39 @EthosRec.. #

18:36 @Documentally I think Seurat called it pointalism #

18:39 Time to put the hens in for the night #

18:59 Bath time chaos #

19:01 @stephenfry off to get your ears lowered eh? #

19:02 @stephenfry perhaps an opportunity to face the steel too #

19:39 @Lollygirl32 Land Rover and a new Mac #

19:45 @stephenfry didn’t face the steel then! Ears however considerably lower #

19:48 got the fire going a pukka Friday yet #

19:58 @bbcengland was he texting or tweetin #

21:46 Comic relief is utter #

22:04 Tom Jones is great #

22:10 Tennant and Franz. F. Yo baby #

22:11 @EthosRecruit dub dub dub Dubai! #

01:25 TowcesterTweat Hmm, back to Towcester tomorrow, aint been in AGES: Hmm, back to Towcester tomorrow.. #

09:23 RT @BabsBags: Drop Dead Gorgeous Styling evenings:
We are now launching, special evenings where you and yo.. #

09:23 Morning world, a bit late, hectic one today, childrens party! Aghhhh #

10:16 Balloons keep popping #

10:17 @dopeydee ah four – I think we main need more than luck! #

10:17 @Lollygirl32 Mwah Mwah, heel #

10:18 @Documentally I don’t know to be honest, I do know that Nat West is – I suspect not #

10:19 Oh dear getting overcast – bouncy castle may be a bouncy puddle – great – will post picture #

10:20 @dopeydee have troops, MIL etc #

10:39 @dopeydee actually that is a very good idea – there is a technical hitch too, the 6 nations is ion #

10:40 @Zster76 we have bird scarers here that sound like Howitzers #

10:41 @EthosRecruit Guinea Pigs always get to go first – its their lot in life #

11:24 @Zster76 well perhaps not howitzers more like Big Bertha literally the ground shakes #

11:25 @shedworking 3.07 currently #

11:57 TowcesterTweat Wishing Jonti, Hannah and the rest of Towcester Studio Band well in the contest tod.. #

12:41 Bouncy castle should arrive shortly… I hope so, or I will be in deep do do #

13:19 It is here #

13:20 @EthosRecruit thanks castle just arrived #

14:08 nearly time for the chaos to start #

15:56 TowcesterTweat Was invited to look around the site of a proposed urban farm project off the Towces.. #

17:09 Party over, all is well, just the clearing up #

17:16 @BrendaKMills absolutely at least one #

17:17 Downloading party pix, 366 of them! #

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