Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:39 @EthosRecruit oh good, just picked up a few more eggs too #

23:54 That is it bed time #

09:04 Dull and overcast – and its red nose day – watch out for Twitpix today #

09:46 First red nose at primary school #

09:49 Getting ready #

09:58 [Sport] Brawn GP Day Four Success #

11:47 Drop Dead Gorgeous #

12:03 TowcesterTweat Richard – Towcester firm to face inquiry over TV advert .. #

13:03 Back in office, quick soup and crack on, what a busy morning #

13:15 Gosh starting to rain quite heavily #

13:36 [Local News] Paulerspury Pre School Nearly New Sale #

13:36 [Local News] Local Towcester Business Woman Recognised As Woman of Worth #

14:20 RT @BabsBags: Is feeling quite over dressed, oh well it’s all for charity :o) #

14:22 Just had to reboot, always happens when I am busy #

14:29 [Local News] Belly Dancing For Comic Relief in Towcester #

14:47 Quick up date done on website – phew #

14:49 @EthosRecruit Tends equipment to subject citrus fruits to ethylene gas to destroy chlorophyll and produce fruit of natural appearance #

14:51 @shedworking Sheds always collect things – its sort of what they do, so the book tends to have plenty of words, probably piled up at back #

15:00 [Local News] SNH Sow The Seeds Of Healthy Eating #

15:00 [Local News] Towcester Primary School Enter Into Red Nose Spirit #

15:06 Q: What’s the difference between Bernard Madoff and Gordon Brown? #

15:07 A: 1 has drained fortunes from gullible victims, plundering income & savings to create an illusion of wealth. The other is going to jail. #

15:10 @EthosTweet Presumably not phyisically, could be crowded! #

15:35 Belly Dancing in Towcester For Red Nose Day: Drop Dead Gorgeous introduce Belly Dancing to the Market Town of To.. #

15:35 Towcester Business Woman Recognised as Woman of Worth: Hundreds of women entered the awards, and Julia received .. #

16:05 Just tried to explain how to use Twitter, its easy when you know, but gosh sounds complicated when you annotate it! #

16:08 @lammb Done #

16:13 @lammb no problem, if you get a story, like the Merc, send me a pic #

16:16 @Documentally surely random tweets just are not tagged? #aptw #

16:18 @bletchleypark Bravo Bletchley #

16:21 Doing the half marathon on Sunday? Feeling a bit wild and adventurous – see this utter #

16:22 @lammb unfortunately I was not there – or I would have taken a stack #

16:24 I with #documentally its tea time #

16:37 @AboutMyArea_SR2 add a url #

16:42 @The_Dreamer3 Very New Romantic, great colour #

16:44 @lammb indeed, but they probably sent it to a newspaper – ho hum, would have got much further on twitter! #

16:56 Red Nose Day: Red Nose Day seems to have rather caught us knapping this year, I hope it is nothing to do with it.. #

17:16 Nephew loads chairs #

17:19 With pic this time #

17:21 @lammb put picture in #

17:24 @lammb sorry not great with iphone, better on computer, although only marginally #

17:27 Wow, picked up my Zig Zag road safety stories #

17:32 I wonder do you think hashtags are overrated? #

17:35 @lammb You get the little tags at the end of tweets with a hash before them a la #aptw It allows you to search for all tweats on a subject #

17:41 @lammb well if you wanted to search for silverstone you could #silverstone in the search and see what you get, its a tag #

17:46 @MrRickWaghorn #ncfc #owab #nr2 this is Hash Tag East Anglia style! #

17:48 I really like this blog, all about mico and hyper local news #owab #

17:55 @sinistergiraffe wow quite an observation #

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