Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:12 Time to go and see my daughter #

18:18 Twilight from my shed door #

18:32 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:35 [Sport] B.. #

18:50 Our corner shop Budgens at Paulerspury #

19:45 Daughter finally off to bed, chilli for dinner – busy one tomorrow – her indoors still a bit under the weather #

20:03 [Sport] Brawn GP – Barcelona Test Report Day Two #

21:47 RT @mashable: The Twitter Followholic: An Epidemic (Please RT!) #

22:35 I think about time to turn in… #

08:34 Breakfast splendid #

08:44 At my desk busy one today, newsletter, business club meeting, town partnership meeting, meeting with the police #

09:00 [Local News] Time Is Everything As Schools Tackle Tardy Pupils #

09:31 @EthosRecruit do you network everyday! #

09:33 @MrRickWaghorn its getting too much all these tales of doom and gloom – soon Fish and Chips will loose a key ingredient! #

09:39 Newsletter almost done #

09:43 RT @mediaukpress: More Paper Publishing Woe. Johnston Press raises ‘going concern’ doubt (Financial Times) #

09:59 This week’s newslettter for full round up in Towcester #

10:12 BBC news site has new coloured ticker #

10:13 Time for a quick coffee I think #

10:16 @justinfleming I have it on my Mac, tabs at the top take a bit of getting used to but I really like it #

10:16 RT @TowcesterNews: This week’s newsletter for full round up in Towcester Cannot type on TweetDeck #

10:17 @justinfleming Top sites is really useful – I thought it was a gimmick at first #

10:22 @justinfleming click bug button and tell Apple! #

10:45 Here I am: Towcester Market place #

10:58 [Local News] An Evening with Scott Quinnell #

10:58 Weekly Newsletter Full Round Up Of News In Towcester and Villages: This week’s newslettter for full round .. #

13:35 Just back to my desk – busy one and blue sky #

13:48 @dopeydee not bad in the sun – nice to see blue sky #

14:05 Towcester Partnership meeting later #

14:09 @newsweek The uk is full of doom and gloom in Paper Publishing, but very bullish about micro news sites as in #rcstory #

14:22 Some light reading – This mornings newsletter #

14:27 [Local News] Inner Wheel Club Raises Money For Local Heart Nurse #

14:27 [Local News] Red Nose Day at Towcester Centre for Leisure Friday 13th March #

14:27 Wanted your Tweets: This is interesting if you are into Twitter #

14:32 More on newspapers and recession #

14:49 Bit of a pong on the fields today country air #

17:10 RT @Documentally: Vote 4 Bletchley Park as building Britains most proud of! Voting closes Friday and its close! #BPark #

17:13 @EthosRecruit Gosh, hope I never grown up – I suppose the answer is be Peter Pan #

17:28 Just gave the girls (hens) some more water #

17:28 @magicianofoz Good idea, shame about he munchkin – my daughter loves Oz #

17:47 I hear a rumour today that there may be belly dancers in Towcester on Red Nose Day… #

17:48 Is there anything you can use bluetooth on the iPhone for (other than headsets)? #iphone #

17:56 @annaattheambler I know its bizarre – can’t send pix, or contacts oh err #iphoneI #

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