Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:35 [Sport] Brawn GP Completes First Full Day Of Testing in Barcelona: <p><img alt="Ross Brawn&.. #

18:36 Brawn GP Complete First Full Day in Barcelona: BRAWN GP COMPLETES FIRST FULL DAY OF TESTING IN BARCELONA Date Mo.. #

18:44 @Lollygirl32 just crack on, bit of practice #

19:26 [Whats On Archive] Dolphin Cafe Bistro Evenings: <p><img alt="The Dolphin Cafe, Towcester -.. #

20:00 Early dinner, pasta, very good #

20:00 Lilly has gone to bed, exhausted birthday girl – actually about an hour ago #

20:05 @EthosRecruit I am feeling a bit thick, Andy? #

20:12 @mcangeli I think it is to test the little application that tells Firefox how well it crashed – actually I like Firefox #

21:37 @EthosRecruit of course – I might suggest it to him #

21:57 @Wossy you could do worse #

22:14 Earlyish night – night all #

08:35 Wet and very damp under foot #

08:44 @dopeydee Thank you, back at my desk – quick trip to Pre School in half an hour #

08:50 @Documentally yes me too, its a bit Life on Mars #

08:51 I keep getting followers trying to give me a Laptop Air and then disappearing very odd #

08:57 Must be nearly 9 am traffic building #

08:59 [Local News] Rat On A Rat #

09:02 Responding to: "News – Local News: Towcester and NN12 (NN12)" ( #

09:15 Sun is out! #

10:15 Weather service here – raining now – me thinks this is called changeable #

10:54 Waiting for a meeting – always feel I can’t make a few calls in case they arrive early #

11:52 @MrRickWaghorn here here, I think the local newspaper publisher who does this will surprise themselves #

11:54 Lunch soon #

12:49 @tamisara go for an iPhone they are great #

13:11 Soup for lunch, just made it back to the shed to avoid the rain #

14:14 RT @MrRickWaghorn: If Lord Carter thinks big media are only ones with answer Absolutely right #

14:20 @EthosTweet just taking my scout badges and width certificate off my CV! #

14:22 Testing iphone to twit on move with pix #

14:25 @TowcesterNews well that gives me some options – that was so fast to capture image and post – Hudson River all over again #

14:32 Rick Waghorn Continues To Argue for Hyper Local: Read this interesting blog on hyper local and why it has to be .. #

16:30 @spencemnl how many laptops have 64gb spare? #

16:33 @DaylightGambler well done you, only just passed 900 #

16:44 @EthosTweet well there are in our home #

16:47 Blue sky in South Northants, going to be a lovely evening I think (and hope) #

17:05 @EthosTweet eggs only, two have only just started #

17:14 @Documentally I think she means Che – and he had a bike, curious #

17:36 @dailytwitter Don’t tell me you are going for the Sky Twittering job? #

17:36 @Lollygirl32 Curry, ooh, that sounds good, I wonder… #

17:37 @Lollygirl32 Like new Avatar too #

17:42 [What’s On?] Dance Group Escape To Paradise! #

17:44 I guess everyone has seen this, Stephen Fry on the internet #

17:51 @dailytwitter was an extraordinary idea, I think we may see more of it #

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