Update to Vulcan Story


I’ve just heard that the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) and Club, at virtually the last minute today, have reached our £1m target in pledges, which will keep our beloved Delta Lady XH 558 flying through 2009 (and on British soil), and she WILL be at several Air Displays (24 scheduled appearances so far) during the year, starting in May.

Over the next few weeks, all those pledged funds will be called in and hopefully converted into cash! We understand that not everybody who made a pledge will necessarily be able to deliver on their pledge in these straitened times, if their own economic circumstances have changed, or for a variety of other good reasons, but the Trust factored this likelihood into their calculations when setting the target at £1million.

The last few days have been absolutely nail-biting for us members of the VTST Club and supporters and Friends of the Trust as the pledges rolled in. I’ll try to cobble something up for your newsletter, to thank all those wonderful people who made a pledge in response to our Appeal, once I’ve pulled myself together again (!), but I’ll need to do a bit more research with the Club and Trust etc to ensure accuracy of any statements!

We don’t have a TV at home here, but I have just been passed this link, which you might like to take a glance at (if you can spare a couple of minutes): http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7928698.stm

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