Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:28 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:27 Today’s T.. #

20:05 Time for a beer I think #

20:30 [Local News] Rotary Young Leaders Course: <img alt="Rotary looking for Young Leaders" height="771" src="… #

20:30 [What’s On?] Towcester Scout Hall Preschool Jumble Sale: <p><br /><br /&g.. #

20:58 [Local News] Support Famous Towcester Artist By Voting: <p class="image-left"><img alt="Val.. #

21:29 [Local News] Dinah Holley RIP: <p class="image-left"><img alt="Dinah Holley some years ago… #

21:29 [Clubs & Organisations] The Towcester Strollers: <p class="image-left"><img alt="Towces.. #

21:37 @iGalway ah sir you are too kind #

21:40 @shedworking wow thank you, been in north Norfolk all weekend, no real tweats other than on the marches – many thanks. #followfriday #

21:57 Back in circulation #

21:57 Gosh North Norfolk is stunning #

22:30 [Sport] Towcestrians Suffer Last Gasp Penalty: <img alt="Towcestrians" height="103" src="../images/imgsto.. #

22:44 Long weekend, time for bed I think #

22:49 When will we get the new Twitter Search look in the UK #

08:54 Happy Birthday Lilly – four today #

09:12 @stephenfry indeedp #

09:32 Finally at my desk #

09:32 Bright and sunny, but quite cold and windy – actually very nice #

09:58 [Local News] Charity Tea Dance Is Biggest Yet: <span class="image-left"><img alt="Rocky and.. #

09:58 [Recipe of the Week] Yummy Celeriac, Apple & Fennel Bake: <p><img alt="Recipe of the We.. #

10:12 @PeterBestel Shall do, and I guess Happy Birthday to you too! #

10:13 @spencemnl fabulous went to Norfolk, crabbing, kite flying, walking, digging sandcastles you name it… #

10:14 @shedworking thank you, I think there may be a shed party on the cards later in the week! #

10:30 Charity Tea Dance is the Biggest Yet: The Towcester Tearooms Charity Tea Dance, now in its fourth year, was held.. #

10:30 Update to Vulcan Story: WE’VE DONE IT!!
I’ve just heard that the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) and.. #

11:03 [What’s On?] Towcester Farmer’s Market This Friday: <p><img alt="Farmers Market 2nd Friday .. #

11:03 Towcester Farmer’s Market this Friday: Farmers Market 2nd Friday of the Month in Towcester on Richmond Roa.. #

11:35 Wind seems to be getting stronger #

12:29 Lunchtime I think #

13:14 Tom – welcome aboard! #

13:35 Just had some Birthday cake – fab #

13:39 @NitaJoy very good how are you today? #

14:03 [Reviews & Features] Cash Is No Longer King: <p> </p><p class="i.. #

14:16 Becoming cloudy, looks like we might get a drop or two #

14:26 @wcs_ltd done #

14:33 @jasew Absolutely – Brawn is doing sterling work – Go Russ, Go Jenson #

14:33 [What’s On?] Silverstone Half Marathon: <p><img alt="Silverstone Half Marathon" height="121.. #

14:34 Silverstone Half Marathon this weekend, lets hope the wind drops! #

14:35 @RichardOsborne I hear Ping might do that #

14:36 @Towcestertiles ah, that’s the way #

14:49 @jasew exactly – although the grapevine tells me that Red Bull may be the ones to watch this year #

15:01 Cash is no longer king: Please do not hesitate to contact Andy Betts at Towcester Financial Planning to discuss .. #

15:01 PSP – Field 25 at Silverstone Half Marathon: PSP – getting involved On Sunday 15th March the adidas Silverstone .. #

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