Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:04 Dusk, looks lovely, but temperature is dropping quite rapidly #

18:13 @markhorsey oh no, always been a fan of Timothy and the Clachan is a great boozer #

18:17 Time to then hens in and see my daughter #

18:46 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:11 @Weebly_o.. #

19:31 @markhorsey Laithwaites ah and red, splendid #

19:40 Quick surf of the web for interesting news blogs I think #

19:43 Just spotted half price listing on ebay on 7th and 8th March #

21:53 @EthosRecruit ah, don’t know about that, I only use the cheapskate version and use Twitpic for pix, try a reboot #

21:58 @EthosRecruit actually very good – is that where you have been – Derby Country Ground #

22:00 @EthosRecruit Don’t YOU sleep? #

08:58 Bright and frosty and good news…. #

08:58 [Local News] Brawn GP Secure Future Of Honda F1 Team Secured: Breaking news #

09:11 @Documentally uvula #

09:12 Lovely day in South Northants – bright, frosty and Boss Brawn has done his bit #

09:13 @Mazi In fact the Mac is not without problems with Tweetdeck it can hang and cannot be force quitted. Mac users pretend all is well #

09:15 Check out #

09:24 Look out for headlines "More brains than Brawn" "Brawn again" you heard them first on Twitter #Brawn GP #

09:36 [Local News] Brawn GP Launch New Website: <p class="image-left"><img alt="Ross Brawn saves .. #

09:36 [Local News] Zig Zag Banner Highlights Road Safety: <p><img alt="Zig Zag bannera at Greens .. #

09:36 Brawn GP Save Honda F1 Team: Honda Motor Company Limited and Ross Brawn are pleased to confirm that they have re.. #

09:36 Brawn GP launch website: Ross Brawn launches new website and saves Honda F1 team.
Poste.. #

09:36 Zig Zag Banner, Greens Norton Primary School Become Famous: A banner warning about the dangers of parking on zig.. #

09:42 @DaylightGambler absolutely very good news #f1 #

10:13 @MrRickWaghorn Good luck #

10:59 Quick cup of coffee, ahh mmm #

11:04 I think time to go to the bank – I wish they would let me print money – doesn’t seem fair does it? #

11:20 Update on Potterspury Death to follow #

11:23 Just posted: "News – Local News: Towcester and NN12 (NN12)" ( #

11:23 @Documentally it is Friday… #

11:32 [Local News] Update On Death In Potterspury: <p> <img alt="Update on death in Pott.. #

11:32 Death Of Ilyaas Maxhmed Ibrahim in Potterspury: A brief update on the death of Ilyaas Maxhmed Ibrahim, who was f.. #

11:32 @MayorOfLondon Gosh your Twitter image changes everytime #

12:10 Did you know there is not at Easter in this financial year #Easter #

12:12 Did you know there is not an Easter in this financial year #Easter corrected, can’t type #

12:57 I can hear the testing at Silverstone #

13:03 Taser used in Pattishall: Northamptonshire Police were called to a house in Pattishall on Thursday morning to a .. #

14:02 [Local News] Righttracks Roadsigns For Rural Road Safety: <p><img alt="Righttracks near Tow.. #

14:03 Right Tracks in South Northants: New road signs are appearing throughout South Northamptonshire as part of a rur.. #

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