Ross Brawn on Brawn GP


Q. Congratulations Ross on your acquisition of the former Honda Racing F1 Team and a positive
outcome after the uncertainty of the past few months.
A. It has been a challenging few months for the team, certainly, but I am very pleased that we have finally
reached a successful conclusion and the future of the team has been secured.

Q. Tell us about the Brawn GP Formula One Team. Who owns the team and how will it be structured?
A. I would like to start by saying that it is a great shame that we are no longer able to continue with Honda
Motor Company, having worked together for so long. Following Honda’s decision to withdraw, we needed
to find a way to secure as many jobs as possible, ensure the team’s continued participation in Formula
One and make best use of the state of the art facilities that we are fortunate to have here in Brackley.

Quite simply, I have purchased the team from Honda. As the owner I will continue to be supported by the
incumbent management team, who have worked closely with me throughout the sale process and will
continue to do so in the future.

Q. It appears that there were a number of options available to Honda, from closing the team down to
accepting an offer from one of the various third parties who have been mentioned. Why did Honda
choose this route?

A. Honda wanted to make every effort possible to secure the future of the team. Closing down the team was
always a last resort. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to comment on the options available to Honda.
Suffice to say that the Honda board recommended and approved this route and I’m obviously very
pleased that they reached that conclusion.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Honda for their fantastic co-operation and support –
particularly those members of the senior management who were closely involved with concluding our
agreement – and for the faith they have demonstrated in myself and our team.

Q. As you say it has been a challenging period. How is team morale?
A. There is no denying this has been a difficult time for everyone at our Brackley base, but I am immensely
proud of the great spirit and fortitude that I have witnessed in the factory over the course of the past few
months. The process of designing and manufacturing our new car, which has continued concurrent with
the efforts being made to secure the team, has been reasonably straightforward. That is particularly
pleasing given that our car was designed around a different engine and both the chassis and gearbox
have been modified to accommodate the new engine. Our first test with the new car, though much later
than we would have liked, will be an emotional moment for everyone in the team I’m sure.

Q. Tell us about your new partnership with Mercedes-Benz.
A. We are very fortunate to have secured an engine supply agreement with Mercedes-Benz and our new
car, the BGP 001, will be powered by the 2.4 litre Mercedes-Benz FO108W Formula One engine. I would
like to express our appreciation for their support over the past few months and we look forward to working
with them as we seek to maximise the development and testing of the BGP 001 car in advance of the first

Q. Your driver line-up remains unchanged. Presumably continuity of drivers is going to be crucial to
you with such limited time with which to prepare for the new season?
A. We are very fortunate to have two experienced drivers in Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello. They
will enable us to hit the ground running when we test for the first time in Barcelona next week. After four
years as team-mates, their experience with our team in Brackley, our systems and our engineers, will
prove a real asset. Jenson and Rubens have always had a great relationship and we expect to see them
pushing each other hard over the season to get the best performance from the car and drive forward its

Both drivers are extremely motivated having trained hard over the winter to ensure that they were in the
best possible physical condition. We look forward to their first thoughts on the BGP 001 at next week’s
Barcelona Test.

Q. Tell us about your testing programme in advance of the first race of the season?
A. We have conducted an initial shakedown of the car at Silverstone today and both the car and team are
now heading to Barcelona where we will participate in the full team test at the Circuit de Catalunya on 9-
12 March. Later next week we will head down to Jerez in Spain for a further three day test on 15-17
March. We obviously have a significant test programme to work through and this will require our full focus.

Q. Realistically, how tough is it going to be getting up to speed given that the other teams have had a
substantial head start?
A. The biggest hurdle we faced was being in a position to race in Melbourne and we will now be able to
achieve that target. Initially we may experience some reliability issues resulting from the lack of track
testing but we feel we have a good car and we hope that our performance will be respectable. We are
confident in the fundamental design principle of our car and look forward to the opportunity to develop it
further as the season progresses.

Q. What are your expectations for Melbourne in three weeks’ time?
A. The debut race weekend with 20 brand new cars is always difficult to predict and on this occasion I’m
not even going to try. What I know we can take away from Melbourne is an enormous sense of pride and
achievement at having already met and overcome our biggest challenge.

Q. Finally, what can you tell us about the striking new livery of the BGP 001?
A. We are very pleased with the new livery, which was designed for simplicity to reflect our current position
at the inception of Brawn GP. Black and white seemed a natural place to start and the fluorescent yellow
gives it a more striking touch of visibility. It’s very different to any other car on the grid.


Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

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18:46 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
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08:58 Bright and frosty and good news…. #

08:58 [Local News] Brawn GP Secure Future Of Honda F1 Team Secured: Breaking news #

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09:12 Lovely day in South Northants – bright, frosty and Boss Brawn has done his bit #

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09:24 Look out for headlines "More brains than Brawn" "Brawn again" you heard them first on Twitter #Brawn GP #

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09:36 Brawn GP launch website: Ross Brawn launches new website and saves Honda F1 team.
Poste.. #

09:36 Zig Zag Banner, Greens Norton Primary School Become Famous: A banner warning about the dangers of parking on zig.. #

09:42 @DaylightGambler absolutely very good news #f1 #

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11:20 Update on Potterspury Death to follow #

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12:10 Did you know there is not at Easter in this financial year #Easter #

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12:57 I can hear the testing at Silverstone #

13:03 Taser used in Pattishall: Northamptonshire Police were called to a house in Pattishall on Thursday morning to a .. #

14:02 [Local News] Righttracks Roadsigns For Rural Road Safety: <p><img alt="Righttracks near Tow.. #

14:03 Right Tracks in South Northants: New road signs are appearing throughout South Northamptonshire as part of a rur.. #

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Right Tracks in South Northants

Right tracks in South Northants

Right tracks in South Northants

New road signs are appearing throughout South Northamptonshire as part of a rural road safety initiative.

The signs let drivers know they are entering a rural road safety zone as part of the Rightracks project which aims to reduce road casualties on rural roads in Northamptonshire.

As a rural Beacon Authority for road safety excellence, Northamptonshire County Council, as part of its work in the Casualty Reduction Partnership, has been awarded £1.5 million from the Department for Transport to fund the project, which is investigating the problems facing drivers on rural roads.

The Rightracks project aims to develop innovative strategies, interventions and solutions by evaluating the data behind the casualty problem on the county’s rural road network.

An area in South Northants was chosen for the project following detailed collision analysis. The zone includes 54 villages of varying sizes, as well as Towcester and Brackley on the periphery of the zone.

John Spencer, Casualty Reduction Partnership Manager for Northamptonshire County Council, said: “By managing speed downwards we are aiming to reduce the number of collisions within the Rightracks zone and enhance the day-to-day lives of those who live in the community. The Rightracks signage is unfamiliar to most road users and will therefore attract more attention as a timely reminder to drive safely and with consideration for others.”

He continues: “One of our priorities is to ensure the local community is consulted throughout the whole process, after all we do not have a monopoly on all the good ideas. As such we have set up a Rightracks forum with members of the public living in the zone. Forum members have been invited to drive along the eight priority roads we have identified for action in the zone and offer their ideas on how we can improve the routes.”

Colin Macklin, Rightracks forum member and Aynho parish councilor for highways and transport, said: “We have been actively campaigning for the past few years over the worsening situation on the B4100 and B4031 leading in to Aynho. Many drivers treat both roads like a race track, putting our villagers and other drivers lives at risk. I’m pleased to take part in the Rightracks forum as consulting with the community is a core facet of the programme and we have been able to put our ideas forward on how to address the problems in the area.”

Fellow Rightracks forum member, Councillor Rosie Herring said: “I’m delighted to take part in the Rightracks forum as local people are being given the opportunity to help find innovative ways to reduce road casualties. South Northants Council is committed to doing everything they can to assist with the Rightracks project.”

The Rightracks project will run for three years and involve staff from throughout the Northamptonshire Casualty Reduction Partnership. At the end of the three-year project, the results will be shared with other local authorities. Northamptonshire County Council is one of only four authorities across the country chosen to take part in the project.

Cllr Bob Seery, county council cabinet member for transport and highways, said: “This is another initiative aimed at addressing the issue of improving road safety, this time particularly directed at the rural areas of the county, which I fully endorse.

It is clearly of a somewhat experimental nature, being no doubt the reason for the funding having been provided by the Department for Transport, but the lessons learnt should be of value for the whole of the county.

“The local consultations which are being carried out are essential for that purpose and I look forward with interest to the outcome of this exercise and the lessons learnt as a result.”

More information about the project can be found online at

Taser used in Pattishall

Northamptonshire Police were called to a house in Pattishall on Thursday morning to a domestic incident where a man was felt to be posing a risk to himself and to others.  Specially-trained police officers used Taser to subdue the man and he was arrested for public order offences.

Death Of Ilyaas Maxhmed Ibrahim in Potterspury

A brief update on the death of Ilyaas Maxhmed Ibrahim, who was found in his car at Paulerspury on Tuesday.

A post mortem took place on the body on Wednesday but further toxicology tests will need to be carried out before the cause of death will be known. For your guidance, that is expected to take some weeks.

The death is currently being treated as unexplained.

Police are continuing to carry out investigations into the death and are still seeking a second man who is believed to have been travelling in the car with Ilyaas and who made off on foot towards Towcester on the A5.

Anyone with information can call police on 08453 700700.

Zig Zag Banner, Greens Norton Primary School Become Famous

Zig Zag Banner at Greens Norton Primary School

Zig Zag Banner at Greens Norton Primary School

A banner warning about the dangers of parking on zig zag markings outside schools has been unveiled today at Greens Norton Primary School near Towcester.

The school took part in a photoshoot during Road Safety Week in November 2008 to create the banner campaign which will be displayed at schools throughout the county. Officers from Northamptonshire Police, County Council and Fire & Rescue Service joined forces as part of the Casualty Reduction Partnership to create the campaign. Using a hydraulic platform, Fire & Rescue officers took an aerial photo for the banner of students lying in the road on zig zag markings.

Jane Docking, Chair of Governors at Greens Norton Primary School, said: “Hopefully the campaign will heighten people’s awareness of the dangers of parking on zig zag markings, not only at our school but also at others throughout Northamptonshire.”

The school’s Junior Road Safety Officers, Alanis Smith and Lulu Rock, who educate the rest of the school about road safety issues and organised the campaign, said: “It’s amazing to see our hard work in print on the banner and we hope it stops people parking on the zig zags outside our school. With the banners going up at other schools around the county it feels like we’re famous!”

See story on making of the poster

Brawn GP launch website

Ross Brawn launches Brawn GP saves Honda F1 team - and new website

Ross Brawn launches Brawn GP saves Honda F1 team - and new website

Ross Brawn launches new website and saves Honda F1 team.