Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

18:11 @Weebly_one I do have some from the Town Hall concert at Christmas #

18:21 @EthosRecruit on no I am a novice only been on six weeks #

18:30 Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News: Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews
18:07 Just had .. #

20:05 @stephenfry Zihuatanejo #

20:19 @EthosRecruit Protecting, promoting, and furthering the interests of the self-employed and small business sector. #

20:22 @EthosRecruit used #

20:26 @EthosRecruit no, other than google bought bought it, will investigate, give me five #

20:37 @EthosRecruit have just set a feedburner feed up need to investigate further = thanks #

20:44 @Mazi Its an odd world – probably down to twittering while under the influence #

20:48 Going to prepare dinner #

21:10 No twittering for Catholics or possibly Italians until Easter #

22:09 @SeshuThePhotog How about PhotoSesh as in Photo Session #

22:14 @Documentally wow, is there a lot, I thought we had done snow for this winter #

22:17 @SeshuPhoto PhotoSesh as in Photo Session, was close then #

22:25 @sclater that must have been great. The book was a holiday favourite, film not too bad either #

22:59 Just havng a quick shimmy thought LinkedIn #

23:24 Up the stairs to Bedfordshire #

08:44 Frosty this morning #

08:56 @sclater we are still on Winnie the Pooh etc – although I like There is a Hippopotamus on our roof eatiing cake, and Room on the broom #

08:57 [Local News] Force Leads The Way With Blackberrys: <p><img alt="Police lead the way with Bl.. #

08:59 Worth a read #

09:15 Smelling a bit fresh – clearly muck spreading has been going on #

10:13 @EthosRecruit chin up #

13:10 @markhorsey pint for me At Clachan #

15:49 Back in office, just started to pour with rain #

15:53 @EthosRecruit Get a picture – might be a story #

16:16 That tea was good, down to work now #

16:17 @DaylightGambler Twitter is a sort of early warning system, and sun is out again #

16:31 Firefox tell me that I am now on 3.0.7 #

16:32 Remember careful tweeting saves time and temper #twitter #

16:35 Waiting for the de facto news on former Honda F1 team – too much hype and jumping the gun at the moment #

16:49 @DaylightGambler about to rain again! #

16:53 @EthosRecruit well done you – hope you have a picture etc #

17:31 A beautiful evening #

17:32 @Mazi its back to why not buy a Mac #

17:45 @Documentally I think they are goggle bots #

17:54 @markhorsey Tea was in fact a simple cup of Earl Grey… I see you have you tie off again #

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