Today’s Tweats on Twitter from Towcester News

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Todays Tweats on Twitter from TowcesterNews

08:45 grey and a bit overcast, feels like it might rain, much colder #

08:46 Reading all the info coming out of Spain on F1 – Red Bull seem to be the team to watch #

09:03 Reuters Rumours Honda Deal: Honda close to deal on sale of F1 team: report Tue Mar 3, 2009 6:31am GMT TOKYO (Reu.. #

09:28 [Local News] Stopping Throwaway Fashions Going to Landfill: <p class="image-right"><img alt.. #

09:28 Reuters Rumours Honda Deal: Honda close to deal on sale of F1 team: report Tue Mar 3, 2009 6:31am GMT TOKYO (Reu.. #

10:23 Just been talking to Recep at Towcester Tiles – he is joining Twitter #

10:31 Check out: "Funeral this afternoon" ( #

10:35 Just having a coffee – does make a difference #

10:58 [Local News] Lengthsmen Gangs Are Back!: <p class="image-right"><img alt="Councillor Jim Ha.. #

10:58 [Local News] Twitter Comes To Towcester: <p><img alt="Twitter Comes to Towcester" height="7.. #

11:28 Twitter comes to Towcester:

The social networking event of the moment – its all the rage and and it here in .. #

11:29 Looking forward to lunch, starving #

11:32 @Documentally I think we had the Mothercare one, used to sit as a small window at bottom of TV – gimick really #

13:06 @Weebly_one a regular contributor now – I also hear he is going to help with the Easton Neston meadows too #

13:06 Raining again – only 18 days until Spring #

13:08 @Weebly_one haven’t decided if I am going to go and photograph it – seems a bit morbid really #

13:08 @EthosRecruit looking forward to the press release! #

13:34 Gosh lunch was good #

14:11 Just missed a heavy shower – phew #

15:24 @Towcestertiles Up above the world so high #

16:00 [What’s On?] Dinner and Dance for British Heart Foundation: <p><img alt="Towcester Town Hal.. #

16:00 [Local News] Leisure Cycle Rides: <p><img alt="Leisure Cycle Rides around Towcester" height.. #

16:00 [Local News] Vulcan To The Sky Project – Delta Lady XH 558 Needs Your Help Now!! : <p><span.. #

16:05 Check out Vulcan story, deadline for pledges this Friday – would be a shame for it to be lost #

16:29 Vulcan To The Sky Project – Delta Lady XH 558 Needs Your Help Now!!:  
I know that many of you may.. #

16:35 Wind is getting up, birds whistling like mad #

17:30 @Weebly_one oh good I decided not to take any pics #

18:07 Just had tea with my daughter, bangers and mash – proper comfort food – needs to be the wind is up and its quite stormy #

18:08 @CastleDonington Ah Vicky welcome aboard, you’ll soon get the hang of it #

18:45 @Documentally Where are the closed roads, around South Northants? #

18:47 @Documentally ah well its rough up north, or so they say, safe trip, like the T-Shirt – very good #

19:02 [Local News] Unexplained Death In Potterspury: <div class="ds-firstpara" id="ds-firstpara">&lt.. #

19:02 Unexplained Death in Potterspury, Man found in Car: Unexplained death in Potterspury Northants Police are curren.. #

20:02 Wife just gone to chair pre school meeting – I am going out I may be some time…. the weather is wild you see #

20:04 @CastleDonington look at Twitterfeed, to create a feed based on your RSS then just add what you are up to… #

20:05 @dressjunkie that’s not fair #

20:06 Rain is so heavy we have have just lost satellite signal! Might be flooding tomorrow #

20:57 @Weebly_one thank you for reminding me – on the site now #

21:00 [What’s On?] Stainer’s Crucifixion: <p><img alt="Towcester Choral Society during last year&.. #

21:58 Apparently Only Smart People Can Read This….: Olny srmat poelpe can raed this.
I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cl.. #

22:40 about to do a software update #

22:59 Going to look at Safari 4 in beta #

23:09 @marcnobbs well have just loaded it and actually its pretty good, will take a day or so I suppose, I also use Firefox #

23:10 @EthosRecruit of course I do, acutally probably won’t be too long now! And you can talk, I don’t do all those breakfast meetings #

23:12 @annaattheambler about 3000 addresses, so i guess 9,000 people I think #

23:16 @Documentally will do – have a safe trip, hope the wild weather abates #

23:20 That’s it for today, newsletter to do first thing! #

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