Apparently Only Smart People Can Read This….

Olny srmat poelpe can raed this.

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Unexplained Death in Potterspury, Man found in Car

Unexplained death in Potterspury


Northants Police are currently investigating an unexplained death in Potterspury.


Police were called to Moorend Lane, Potterspury, just off the A5 at around 10am today, Tuesday 3rd March after a man was discovered in a parked car.


The death is currently being treated as unexplained and police investigators and forensic specialists are on the scene carrying out a full and thorough investigation to help the police establish the circumstances of the death.


Police are trying to trace a second man who was believed to have been in the car with the man who had died.


He is thought to have walked towards the A5.


Anyone who may have seen him in the Potterspury area of the A5 at around 9.30 am on Tuesday 3rd March or anyone who may have given a man a lift, including bus drivers are asked to contact Northants Police on 08453 700700.

Vulcan To The Sky Project – Delta Lady XH 558 Needs Your Help Now!!



Vulcan Over Whittlebury last year

Vulcan Over Whittlebury last year







I know that many of you may not be members or active supporters of the Vulcan to the Sky project, or perhaps you may even have little or no interest in aviation, but you may have an interest in history, and living history in particular. 


The Vulcan is very much a part of our recent living history from the Cold War days.  If you can remember the days of the 4-minute warning, then that was the time needed to get our initial Quick Reaction Force of V-bombers airborne following detection of an incoming nuclear rocket attack.  XH 558 is the last one of those Vulcans that is airworthy. 


I am contacting you now as a matter of urgency, regarding the perilous financial situation of the Vulcan XH558 project.

Your help is desperately needed now to ensure that XH558 is not grounded forever on Friday March 6th 2009.  All the employees were given notice of termination of their employment a few weeks ago, and Friday is the last day that they will work to keep our Vulcan airworthy.



…we can raise a total of £1,000,000 (British Pounds One Million) in pledges before the time is up.  This is where you can play a vital part!


We do not need any donation or money now.  Strange as it may seem, giving cash now is no guarantee that XH558 has a future, but with a pledge your money is 100% safe if we do not reach our target.  Only when the full £1m pledge total is achieved will you be contacted in order to honour your pledge with cold hard cash!


At the time of drafting this, the pledge campaign has already raised £654,023 of the total required, but your contribution, however small, will definitely help to make up the difference.


I appreciate that times are tough; we are all feeling the pinch in this current financial climate, and you are probably having to be very careful with your expenditure.  Even so, this really is ‘last chance saloon’ for XH558.  Once all the staff have been laid-off and the Vulcan to the Sky project is put into Administration, the chances of XH558 ever flying again are all but non-existent.


Any amount that you feel you can spare to pledge will make a distinct difference to the unique and valuable educational tool that is XH558.  Even if it were only a few Pounds, one thousand such pledges would obviously make a massive impact, and could easily mean the difference between XH558 surviving or not.


So, in conclusion, please help.  Your pledge, however large or small, can be made in one of two ways:


   1. Online – visit click the “Pledge Now” button in the top left hand corner of the screen and complete the form online. 

   2. By telephone – please call the Bruntingthorpe offices on 0116 247 8145 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm) and someone will be eager to take your pledge details.  In fact some Club members have just now volunteered to man the telephones until 2000hrs between now and Friday, 6th March.



Please remember that this is not a donation, but a promise to keep XH558 flying for generations to come!


If you should feel unable to make the longer term commitment of a pledge, but could manage a small one-off donation, that would still be a great help in adding to the many small donations being made from all over the UK and even from overseas, and you can also do this via the website or the telephone number given above.


Many many thanks for your continued and vital support for XH558.


A Friend of the Vulcan To The Sky Trust



PS. To see a short video clip of our beautiful Delta Lady, XH 558, flying in formation with The Blades aerobatic team in an earlier fundraising effort at Sywell airfield, Northampton, in 2008, click on this link:

Twitter comes to Towcester

Twitter Comes to Towcester

The social networking event of the moment – its all the rage and and it here in Towcester.

The Editor runs fees to Twitter as TowcesterNewsEthos Recruitment are not only podcasting but regularly provide useful updates on their Tweats.

Drop Dead Gorgeous are there too, and this morning Towcester Tiles joined the fray.

Twitter provides a platform to tell your friends and the world what you are doing now, however this has to be completed in just 140 characters.

Updates can be from mobile phones, can include web links and even pictures.

Have a look at Twitter and join the social networking revolution.



Reuters Rumours Honda Deal

Honda close to deal on sale of F1 team: report

Tue Mar 3, 2009 6:31am GMT

TOKYO (Reuters) – Honda Motor Co is close to a deal on the sale of its Formula One motor racing team, Japan’s biggest circulation newspaper said on Tuesday, without identifying the buyer.


The team is expected to test a new vehicle this week, powered by a Mercedes engine, in a clear sign that it will continue racing after Honda announced its withdrawal from the sport in December.

“We expect to be able to make an announcement from the company and the team in the near future,” the Yomiuri daily quoted a source at the company’s Japan headquarters as saying.

“Honda has been making all possible efforts to avoid the worst option of having to disband the team,” the source said.

Honda driver Jenson Button and team principal Ross Brawn would stay in place under the deal, the Yomiuri said.

The report came just weeks ahead of the start of the season in Australia on March 29, but the team would have to fly its cars to Melbourne at least a week before that in order to qualify.

British entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin Group was among those linked to the team after it was put up for sale, but Honda said last month they saw no serious buyer.

That appeared to leave the Japanese manufacturer with a straight choice of agreeing to a planned management buyout or closing down the British-based team with the loss of about 700 jobs.

A spokeswoman for Honda said there had been no new developments and that negotiations were continuing.