Silverstone Will Be Fastest Circuit for MotoGP

Track modifications at Silverstone Circuit look set to make it one of the fastest circuits on the MotoGP calendar  when the FIM MotoGP World Championship heads to the iconic Northamptonshire venue from 2010 onwards.


The new circuit, which will feature a spectacular new section of track running from the approach at Abbey  corner  to  a tightening  ‘Arrowhead’  hairpin  at  the  inside  of  Becketts,  will  measure  5.67 kilometres in length – 0.53 kilometres longer than the existing 5.14 kilometre Grand Prix circuit.



Scientifically measured data*, based on mathematical simulations, has calculated that the average lap time  for  MotoGP riders  around  the  new  track  would  be  1:51.456,  racing  at  an  average  speed  of 182kph (113mph) – 3kph faster than Phillip Island, which is currently the fastest circuit in MotoGP.




New arrowhead at Silverstone

New arrowhead at Silverstone



Computer generated overview of track changes planned at Silverstone Circuit


The fast and flowing new track, which is subject to final homologation, looks set to be equally quick for four wheeled motor sport. Despite the new circuit being more than half a kilometre longer than the existing Grand Prix circuit, simulated data has shown that lap times for a current Formula 1 car would

only be fractionally slower. A simulated lap of the new circuit would take 1:27.761 in an F1 car, at an average speed of 228kph (142mph).




Computer generated image of arrowhead for bikes

Computer generated image of arrowhead for bikes

Computer generated view of new arrowhead for bikes



*Summary of data showing circuit length, lap times and speeds around the new track at Silverstone:


    * – New track length = 5.67km (existing Grand Prix circuit = 5.14km)

    * – Track width = 15m

    * – Simulation for F1 lap time = 1:27.761, average speed 228kph (142mph)

    * – Simulation data extrapolated for MotoGP = lap time 1:51.456, average speed 182kph (113mph)

    * –  MotoGP  speed  is  3kph  faster  than  Phillip  Island,  currently  the  fastest  circuit  on  the  MotoGP calendar



  1. As bikes get faster, the track gets faster. Looks great. I think Bike GP’s are always easier on the local villages too as most fans ride bikes too.. Less to clog the roads.

    • Absolutely, however so much of the area depends on this business, bikes are harder to slow down. There are long memories of naked wheelies through Towcester. The knack for the local community is how to entice the visitors to spend money.

  2. just realised i had typed the wrong web url in my last comment.. 🙂 This should rectify it.

  3. Are those updates planned because Donington is going to kick its ass after its upgrades? It’s all about the bikes now.

    Motorcycle racing is poised to push track design forward more than formula one due to the complete precessional behaviour of F1 races. I for one welcome our two-wheeled masters and look forward to seeing both the World Superbikes and MotoGP at Silverstone, but not at the cost of Brands or Donington.

    • Upgrades are planned, to effectively have two circuits at Silverstone, Silverstone used to run bikes years ago. Silverstone never really made any money out of F1, it is only the track the current promoter is BRDC, but next year it will be the guys behind Silverstone, Donington is unlikely to be ready, not all planning permission is in place, also I hear there are alleged rent arrears. Further as promoters they could put the race back to Silverstone. From Silverstone’s point of view, they would need to know really by say May or June at the latest, to start the ticket sales machine, I think Bernie has given a deadline of September.

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